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Will Brain Damage Kill Football?new

Military combat personnel in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars may suffer the same kind of brain damage as professional football players.
San Diego Reader  |  Don Bauder  |  06-14-2012  |  Sports

Democratic challenger sets her sights on Tim Scott's seatnew

Assuming Tea Party favorite Tim Scott runs for re-election as Charleston’s U.S. representative in November, he will face a new challenger in the political arena: Bobbie Rose, a Democratic candidate and political novice who filed to run for the position on Tuesday.
Charleston City Paper  |  Paul Bowers  |  03-31-2012  |  Policy Issues

Breaking It Downnew

It may not be PTSD or brain injuries that pose the most long-term danger to our surviving vets from their Middle East tours.
Houston Press  |  John Nova Lomax  |  03-14-2012  |  War

Walking Woundednew

The VA missed serious warning signs that presaged a Texas vet’s violent breakdown.
San Antonio Current  |  Michael Barajas  |  12-01-2011  |  War

From Battlegrounds to Studios: Dealing with PTSDnew

Miguel Folch, a veteran Pararescue Jumper, finds solice in photography and chose to pursue his passion to escape the stresses associated with being a Tucson firefighter that would often trigger his PTSD.
Tucson Weekly  |  Joshua Morgan  |  11-11-2011  |  War

Barefoot Crusade Against Veteran Suicidesnew

Ron Zaleski has been barefoot since 1972 — the length of time he's carried a burden of guilt for how he handled the moral difficulties of the Vietnam War.
NUVO  |  Rebecca Townsend  |  11-04-2011  |  War

Pure Hopenew

At the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, Fort Carson works on a study with promise for treating traumatic brain injuries.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Pam Zubeck  |  09-08-2011  |  Science

Reintegration Nationnew

A veteran goes to bat for a pilot PTSD program.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Chet Hardin  |  12-22-2010  |  War

Mimi and the Mannew

Wounded Iraq veteran Steven Woods denies that his pit bull Mimi, who has helped him overcome PTSD problems, bit an elderly man in his neighborhood.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Eric Griffey  |  12-08-2010  |  Animal Issues

Serving Those Who Servednew

Veterans make up eight percent of the U.S. population, but 20 percent of the homeless population. What's being done to help them?
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  11-11-2010  |  Homelessness

Johnny Got His Pillsnew

The U.S. military brass who are searching for solutions to the growing problems of soldier suicides aren't looking at the answer under their noses: their own dispensing of drugs to soldiers as a way to keep them functioning too long in too hellish a place.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  E.R. Bills  |  10-29-2010  |  Commentary

In Sickness and in Healthnew

An unusual group provides wisdom and support for partners of vets and soldiers with PTSD.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  09-20-2010  |  War

Can a Court Help Former GIs Find Justice at Home?new

From the man's physique and hair, Edward Lynch figured he might be military. Maybe from Fort Carson, the Army base down the road that lately seemed to be churning out a lot of veterans with screws loose. The papers were full of stories about Carson vets killing fellow soldiers.
Westword  |  Joel Warner  |  02-08-2010  |  War

Officials Struggle to ID Crimes Too Violent for Veterans Courtsnew

After battling for months against post-traumatic stress disorder, Thomas Delgado, an Iraq war veteran ended a night of heavy drinking in September 2008 by hunkering down with a gun in his bathtub. He soon found himself facing a charge of attempted murder.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Anthony Lane  |  12-29-2009  |  War

The Army's Much-hyped Repair Job for Wounded Soldiers Doesn't Pass Inspectionnew

Two years later, the Warrior Transition Unit appears less a shining success than a public-relations smokescreen, behind which the Army continues breaking its promise to care for wounded soldiers.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Anthony Lane  |  12-10-2009  |  War

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