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The War This Timenew

Why was I thinking about Pat Buchanan, gay bars, and AIDS while Colorado burned?
The Stranger  |  Dan Savage  |  06-26-2013  |  Commentary

Q&A: HIV/AIDS housing in Indianapolisnew

Big changes are underway in the way people living with HIV/AIDS will receive the services necessary for them to live well in Indy.
NUVO  |  Rebecca Townsend  |  04-02-2012  |  Civil Liberties

On the street with AIDSnew

Indianapolis service providers have made unprecedented strides in collaborative outreach.
NUVO  |  NUVO Editors  |  03-18-2012  |  Health

Stubborn, Wide-Spread HIV in San Antonionew

When the Texas Department of State Health Services released updates to their 2010 study on HIV/AIDS just before Christmas last year, something seemed amiss.
San Antonio Current  |  Scott Andrews  |  01-11-2012  |  Health

Indiana Makes Strides Against AIDSnew

The scourge of HIV/AIDS is 100 percent preventable by keeping in mind some simple words of wisdom from local infectious disease specialist Bobbi Delon: "If it's wet and it's not yours, don't touch it without protection."
NUVO  |  Rebecca Townsend  |  12-05-2011  |  Health

To fight AIDS, we must fight its stigmanew

Building acceptance by society and self will help defeat disease.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Craig Washington  |  11-30-2011  |  Health

Pros and Condomsnew

San Francisco wants to get rid of HIV/AIDS, but tiptoes around risky bareback sex.
SF Weekly  |  Taylor Friedman  |  11-10-2011  |  Sex

Superstition Ain't The Waynew

A powerful performance by a teen actress lifts this morality tale above its station.
Orlando Weekly  |  Justin Strout  |  08-18-2011  |  Reviews

Cruel Days Return for Georgia's AIDS Sufferersnew

State and Congress haven’t approved funding for life-saving drugs.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Cliff Bostock  |  06-22-2011  |  Science

HIV: Too Many Positivesnew

African Americans have reason to be concerned about the AIDS virus. While black Americans currently make up 14 percent of the nation’s population, they represent 65 percent of the newly reported AIDS cases.
Illinois Times  |  Jolonda Young  |  06-09-2011  |  Science

Gay Men Should Get HIV Tests Twice a Year, Says Washington,

With new statistics showing alarming levels of HIV infection among the estimated 36,500 District men who have gay sex, the city is recommending that they be tested for the virus twice yearly.
Washington City Paper  |  Mike DeBonis  |  03-26-2010  |  LGBT

Connecticut's Needle Exchange Programs Face the Chopping Blocknew

New Haven launched one of the first needle-exchange programs in the country in 1990, and it became a national model for curbing the spread of AIDS through intravenous drug use. Gov. Jodi Rell's plan to eliminate the entirety of the $455,000 the state spends yearly on needle exchange is pennywise and pound foolish, advocates say, ensuring a spike in infections.
New Haven Advocate  |  Andy Bromage  |  06-16-2009  |  Science

Two Boston Poets Use Their Art for the Good of the Tribenew

What if a poem were a social force? Boston poets Rafael Campo and Franz Wright have laid bare a live wire between poetry and isolation.
Boston Phoenix  |  James Parker  |  11-26-2008  |  Books

Rate of New HIV Cases in Mississippi is On the Risenew

Men represent approximately 70 percent of all those infected with HIV in Mississippi, and African American men represent 75 percent of new infections in men. Direct funding to prevent HIV infection in men represents only approximately 28 percent of HIV funding in Mississippi.
Jackson Free Press  |  Sarah Young  |  11-25-2008  |  Commentary

The Secret Face of HIVnew

HIV/AIDS is the No. 1 killer of black American women between 25 and 34. But the fastest growing segment of HIV incidence is among black women in their 50s and 60s. Yes, Grandma has AIDS.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Kellie C. Murphy  |  11-17-2008  |  Science

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