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Miracle off 31st Streetnew

A medical breakthrough may give 6-year-old Dylan Fontana his life back.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  04-13-2012  |  Health

Avian Influenza Confirmed in B.C. Commercial Poultry Farmnew

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed the presence of H5 avian influenza virus in a commercial poultry operation in Southern British Columbia.
The Georgia Straight  |  Charlie Smith  |  01-26-2009  |  Science

Rate of New HIV Cases in Mississippi is On the Risenew

Men represent approximately 70 percent of all those infected with HIV in Mississippi, and African American men represent 75 percent of new infections in men. Direct funding to prevent HIV infection in men represents only approximately 28 percent of HIV funding in Mississippi.
Jackson Free Press  |  Sarah Young  |  11-25-2008  |  Commentary

The Secret Face of HIVnew

HIV/AIDS is the No. 1 killer of black American women between 25 and 34. But the fastest growing segment of HIV incidence is among black women in their 50s and 60s. Yes, Grandma has AIDS.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Kellie C. Murphy  |  11-17-2008  |  Science

Mystery Disease That's Killed Thousands of Bats May Have Moved South to Pennsylvanianew

Researchers across the state are keeping a close watch on Pennsylvania's caves this winter for signs that a mysterious New England bat plague could be moving south. In the past two years, tens of thousands of bats in Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York have died.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Adam Fleming  |  11-11-2008  |  Animal Issues

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