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Scholar Leads Effort to Catalog Civil-Rights Abuses at Guantanamo Baynew

As director of UC Davis' Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas, Almerindo Ojeda is heading up a project to collect testimonies on civil rights abuses at the detention center.
Sacramento News & Review  |  Kel Munger  |  11-24-2009  |  War

Animated Cartoon: Git-Mo Help

President Obama says he can't close Guantanamo because he doesn't know where to send the detainees. How about a free-market solution to this conundrum: the Gitmo Helpers servant service!
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall and David Essman  |  10-13-2009  |  Cartoons

Cartoon: Gitmo High Schoolnew

The Obama Administration is refusing to release detainees it knows are innocent -- because they are innocent.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  10-07-2009  |  Cartoons

Cartoon: What a Difference White Skin Makesnew

What kind of country locks of terror suspects on the slimmest of pretexts while failing to lift a finger to protect its (African-American) president? A very, very sick one.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  08-28-2009  |  Cartoons

What Do We See Five Months into the Obama Presidency?new

I can't accuse Obama of a lack of grit, but what I won't accept is the argument that larger issues are too pressing for Obama to divert his attention to so-called small stuff. He can walk and chew on more than one issue at a time. Human rights -- of women, gays, detainees, religious minorities -- are not small things. To borrow from his own words, if all aren't equal, none are.
Arkansas Times  |  Max Brantley  |  06-18-2009  |  Commentary

Obama Wusses Out on Gitmo

He promised to shut down Gitmo. But now President-Elect Obama wants to ratify Bush's torture trials.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  11-12-2008  |  Crime & Justice

Detainees Refute ICE's Denials of Abusenew

A recent report, based on interviews with 41 detainees over a period of eight months in 2007 and 2008, alleges various "human rights violations" at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Wash., including inadequate medical care, lack of due process, and physical abuse.
Seattle Weekly  |  Nina Shapiro  |  08-18-2008  |  Crime & Justice

Eight Days in Gitmo: Observations on the Trial of Salim Hamdannew

I now understand that no matter what aspect of Guantanamo Bay is under examination, a person can't fully understand this off-shore prison project without going, seeing, and experiencing the now iconic legal black hole that the detention center and military commissions represent.
Artvoice  |  Julia Hall  |  08-18-2008  |  Crime & Justice

Is Anybody Paying Attention to McClatchy's Powerful Guantanamo Expose?new

With this past week's publication of a series on the Kafka-esque detention of thousands of foreign nationals following 9/11, the hybrid McClatchy–Knight Ridder DC operation is enjoying its biggest achievement to date.
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  06-26-2008  |  Media

Americans Aren't the Only People Who are Due Due Processnew

I really hadn't planned on writing about this decision. It seems so utterly obvious why Guantanamo Bay detainees deserve due process; I just figured it would be argued, re-argued and over-argued a million times in the opinionsphere before I could ever publish a single word about it. Instead, I watched and listened as the right-wing blubbermongers blubbered on about how the court's decision puts the rights of foreign terrorists above the safety of Americans.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Edwin Decker  |  06-26-2008  |  Commentary

The Supreme Court is One Justice Away from Tyrannynew

You can look at the court's decision on Guantanamo this way: We are only one Supreme Court justice away from real tyranny. Sen. John McCain says as president he would appoint justices exactly like Bush's two. Based on his past opposition to torture and Guantanamo, he's probably lying about that, although he joined Bush in denouncing the habeas decision. It is nevertheless a risk worth avoiding.
Arkansas Times  |  Ernest Dumas  |  06-19-2008  |  Commentary

Score: Constitution 5, Gulags 4new

The supreme court's recent decision not only restored habeas-corpus rights to enemy combatants, but gave all of us one our most important civil-liberty victories to date.
Boston Phoenix  |  Harvey Silverglate  |  06-19-2008  |  Civil Liberties

Jose Padilla: A Corrupted Trial

As the pundits argue over the "winner" in the case, the loser is clear: democracy.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  08-22-2007  |  Commentary

The Advocatenew

How can you defend a man at Guantanamo, where no law exists?
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Doron Taussig  |  01-09-2007  |  Crime & Justice

Bush's War Crimes Cover-Upnew

The Supreme Court ordered him to treat detainees as "civilized peoples" do -- he refuses.
The Village Voice  |  Nat Hentoff  |  12-14-2006  |  Politics

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