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On the Ground at the DNC: The Weekend and Monday AMnew

The Dems are on the warpath to prove that they can connect with average Americans and change the course of this country for the better while their radical opponents on the street are preparing to tell the world that the Democrats are just one side of the same coin.
The Athens NEWS  |  Mike Ludwig  |  08-25-2008  |  Politics

DNC Report: Police and Protesters Look to 1999 WTO Protests for Guidancenew

You can forget Chicago in 1968; it's the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle that law enforcement and radical protest groups are using as the reference point for the DNC in Denver this year.
Westword  |  Jared Jacang Maher  |  08-25-2008  |  Politics

Violence at the DNC Could Blow it for Obamanew

The DNC is shaking out to be a knee-slapping tragicomic convergence in Denver of 100,000 people taking themselves way too seriously. Even the protesters are serious. And so are the cops. Which is a recipe for the kind of intensity that may even blow it for Obama.
Boulder Weekly  |  Ben Corbett  |  08-25-2008  |  Commentary

Police Sociologist and Criminal Justice Prof Writes About His Experience as a Baltimore Copnew

As a critic of the justice system, Peter Moskos decided to engage this dysfunction from a very local level, from the perspective of an officer on the street. As an officer, he became a cog in the machine, patrolling Broadway, from Orleans Street to North Avenue, on the night beat.
Baltimore City Paper  |  John Barry  |  07-29-2008  |  Nonfiction

Trying Out a 'Sonic Cannon'new

Watch out for police agencies in your area seeking to buy LRADs -- long range acoustic devices. They're not nearly as benign as cops make them out to be.
Portland Phoenix  |  Jeff Inglis  |  07-17-2008  |  Civil Liberties

Who Polices the Orlando Police? They

In April, Fernando Trinidad did something that would get most of us thrown in jail: He pushed a woman down the stairs at a downtown nightclub, injuring her ankle, and then lied to the cops about it. But luckily for Trinidad, he is an Orlando police officer.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman  |  07-14-2008  |  Crime & Justice

One of the D.C. Police Dept's Top Informants Talks About a Decade on the Streetsnew

How to buy drugs without blowing your cover. How to gain the trust of old heads. And an insider's look at the carnage of D.C.'s Trinidad neighborhood.
Washington City Paper  |  As told to Jason Cherkis  |  07-10-2008  |  Crime & Justice

An Inmate Beating Brings Up Issue of Transgender Discrimination in Memphisnew

A video leaked from the Shelby County Correction Center shows Officer Bridges McRae repeatedly punching Duanna Johnson inside a waiting room at the jail. The 18-minute video has no audio, but Johnson claims McRae assaulted her after she refused to respond to homophobic slurs of "he/she" and "faggot."
The Memphis Flyer  |  Bianca Phillips  |  06-27-2008  |  LGBT

Police Statenew

The legendary trio mucks things up at San Antonio show, but also offers hints of old greatness.
San Antonio Current  |  John DeFore  |  11-28-2007  |  Concerts

Taking the Sting Out of the '80s Biggest Rock Bandnew

The Police are to pop music what Sandy Koufax is to baseball, Rocky Marciano is to boxing, and Jim Brown is to football.
San Antonio Current  |  Gilbert Garcia  |  11-14-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

Police Taser Dog to Deathnew

The Vermont attorney general is investigating all police use of Tasers.
Seven Days  |  Patrick Ripley  |  09-05-2007  |  Animal Issues

Sex Discrimination on a Small Town Police Force?new

A fired Brandon cop sues the town, claiming retaliation and sex discrimination.
Seven Days  |  Ken Picard  |  07-23-2007  |  Crime & Justice

Glass Shieldnew

A Florida police officer claims she was harassed and tormented by other officers because of her race and gender.
Miami New Times  |  Francisco Alvarado  |  01-17-2006  |  Crime & Justice

Gypsies, Cops and Thievesnew

Seven years ago, Detective Jack Makler of the Delray Beach Police Department in Florida helped New Times catch a double-dealing Gypsy cop -- now he's accused of the same crime.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Bob Norman  |  01-10-2006  |  Crime & Justice

Unequal Justicenew

Louie Arriaga faces a decade in prison for what started as an alleged traffic violation, while two Phoenix cops involved in attacking a prisoner didn't even have to show up in court.
Phoenix New Times  |  Michael Lacey  |  01-04-2006  |  Crime & Justice

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