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Forgotten Assaultnew

A brutal attack on two transgender women in 2011 foreshadowed several troubling years of violent crime against the LGBT community in Cleveland, and the city's ill-equipped ability to respond.
Cleveland Scene  |  Eric Sandy  |  12-24-2014  |  LGBT

Being Transgender in Atlantanew

'The City Too Busy to Hate' has not come far enough
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Tracee McDaniel and Jamie Roberts  |  06-27-2014  |  LGBT

PA Offers Little Protection for Gay Victims of Hate Crimesnew

One man's discovery of a "Move Fags" sign next to his property reveals that ever since a protocol mishap several years ago, Pennsylvania's hate crimes statute covers race, but not sexual orientation.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  02-29-2012  |  LGBT

Are Hate Crimes on the Rise in Mass.? Who Can Tell with These Numbers?new

Community leaders, victim advocates -- and even government officials -- says underreporting by both victims and police means the stats released by the State Police Crime Reporting Unit are essentially guesswork, and the victims who are least likely to report crimes against them actually bear the brunt of the attacks.
Dig Boston  |  Jeremy Fox  |  10-28-2009  |  Crime & Justice

An Inmate Beating Brings Up Issue of Transgender Discrimination in Memphisnew

A video leaked from the Shelby County Correction Center shows Officer Bridges McRae repeatedly punching Duanna Johnson inside a waiting room at the jail. The 18-minute video has no audio, but Johnson claims McRae assaulted her after she refused to respond to homophobic slurs of "he/she" and "faggot."
The Memphis Flyer  |  Bianca Phillips  |  06-27-2008  |  LGBT

They Shoot Gays, Don't They?new

Despite recent advances, the LGBT community must realize that our collective work is far from done, not only on the marriage issue, but also when it comes to fairness and equality for LGBT people in so many other areas: custody cases, employment discrimination, school protections, asylum cases, as well as anti-bullying protections and hate crimes.
INDY Week  |  Steven Petrow  |  06-25-2008  |  LGBT

Homophobic Attacks on the Rise in Michigannew

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs last week released a report showing a 24 percent increase nationally in reported anti-gay hate crimes from 2006 to 2007 -- Michigan had the largest increase among the states, jumping from 97 to 226.
Metro Times  |  Staff  |  06-03-2008  |  LGBT

The Kinder, Gentler Satanistnew

The devil sells out, moves to suburbia and dons a fluffy bunny suit.
Metro Times  |  Sarah Klein  |  10-28-2006  |  Culture

The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straightnew

The Pink Pistols' pro-gun views haven't made them many friends within the gay community.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  G. W. Miller III  |  04-17-2006  |  LGBT

Father Knows Best

To some Fred Phelps is a "walking hate crime." To others, he's the loving patriarch of a big family. Either way, the clan is coming to Santa Fe to protest the city's gay-friendly attitude.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Nathan Dinsdale  |  04-20-2005  |  LGBT

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