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John Hammond Recalls His Meetings With Clapton, Hendrix, Dylan and Waitsnew

John Hammond's latest Grammy nomination is for last year's Rough & Tough album, which he recorded at the landmark St. Peter's Church in New York City. Were he not so talented and accomplished in his own right, it would be easy to dismiss Hammond as the music world's version of Woody Allen's Leonard Zelig.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  01-21-2010  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Kinder, Gentler Satanistnew

The devil sells out, moves to suburbia and dons a fluffy bunny suit.
Metro Times  |  Sarah Klein  |  10-28-2006  |  Culture

Satan Goes to Hollywoodnew

As 6/6/06 draws near, so does the first-ever international convergence of Satanists, the brainchild of Satanic priests and PTA parents Bryan Moore and Heather Saenz.
L.A. Alternative  |  Evan George  |  05-30-2006  |  Religion

Bush Brigade Prepares to Take Manhattannew

It's the terrorists the Republicans fear, of course. And, more pressingly, the people.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Steve Perry  |  08-27-2004  |  Commentary

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