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Wal-Mart Has Been Blessednew

On the eve of opening day for rural Humboldt County's first Wal-Mart, Pastor Jeff Beltz invokes Jesus Christ, and eager consumers rejoice.
North Coast Journal  |  Andrew Goff  |  06-12-2012  |  Religion

Catholics Yank Funding Over Condomsnew

A bowl of condoms placed in an AmeriCorps outreach post for ex-offenders just cost a nonprofit recycler $20,000 in revoked grant funding.
NUVO  |  Rebecca Townsend  |  03-19-2012  |  Religion

Chick-Fil-A wants moms to take sons on datenew

Chick-Fil-A restaurants are hoping local sons will tolerate their mothers taking them out on a date.
NUVO  |  Tristan Schmid  |  02-28-2012  |  Children & Families

Doctor Against Birth Control for Employeesnew

A Twin Cities-based dermatologist may close down his business rather than offer his employees contraception.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Aaron Rupar  |  02-03-2012  |  Health

I Spent Christmas in the Clinknew

Deck the halls with a little rosé, a zealous cop and some new friends in the holding tank.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Enrique Limon  |  01-06-2012  |  Civil Liberties

How I Learned How to be a Professional Laughernew

In Los Angeles, the humor stakes are so high that live-audience sitcoms are turning to laughter ringers, folks so good at guffawing they're planted the audience and get everyone else cackling at the right moment.
L.A. Weekly  |  Joel Warner  |  12-23-2011  |  Comedy

Amazon To Cock-Block Local Businesses This Holiday Seasonnew

Internet instant gratification behemoth Amazon is telling hopeful consumers to go into local retailers and photograph inventory prices in exchange for a paltry 5 percent discount (up to $5) on Amazon-equivalent products.
Nashville Scene  |  Jonathan Meador  |  12-07-2011  |  Business & Labor

American Heritage Dictionary Adds "Anchor Baby" to Latest Editionnew

The almighty definers at American Heritage don't seem to grasp the volatile nature of the term "anchor baby," a disparaging remark that aims to dehumanize the U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants.
Phoenix New Times  |  Monica Alonzo  |  12-02-2011  |  Race & Class

How Low Can LivingSocial Go?new

Sometimes you just really want a Big Mac. Or five.
Washington City Paper  |  Shani Hilton  |  12-01-2011  |  Economy

Oakland Police Love Kittens, Teargasnew

The Washington Post covers #OccupyOakland with a picture of a police officer petting a kitten.
Washington City Paper  |  Shani Hilton  |  10-26-2011  |  Media

In Alabama, "Mexican" is Considered an Offensive Wordnew

A thrift store in Birmingham requested the removal of an alt-weekly rack because the word "Mexican" appears in the column, ¡Ask a Mexican!
OC Weekly  |  Gustavo Arellano  |  10-19-2011  |  Race & Class

Police Arrest Portable-Potty Peeper Suspectnew

A man who Boulder police believe is the person who hid in a portable toilet at a yoga festival last weekend has been arrested.
Boulder Weekly  |  Boulder Weekly Staff  |  06-24-2011  |  Crime & Justice

Blogger Jailed Over Bad Beef Noodle Reviewnew

A Taiwanese blogger was recently sentenced to 30 days in detention, two years of probation and ordered to pay NT$200,000 in compensation to a noodle shop she criticized on her blog. What did she say that was so awful?
L.A. Weekly  |  Elina Shatkin  |  06-23-2011  |  Media

U.S. Air Guitar Championships Present: Men in Tightsnew

Forty will spar and two will prevail as this week's competition.
East Bay Express  |  Rachel Swan  |  06-22-2011  |  Performance

There Were Nine Days Leftnew

Storming New York with Harold Camping's Rapture warriors.
Boston Phoenix  |  Chris Faraone  |  05-19-2011  |  Religion

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