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Waste Injection Wells: The Earth's Invisible Dumpnew

With more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic waste having been injected under the surface of the Earth, what happens if our belief that what goes down can’t come up is wrong?
Boulder Weekly  |  Joel Dyer and Jefferson Dodge  |  09-21-2012  |  Environment

Can Berkeley Tackle its Plastics Problem?new

The city is taking its first steps toward recycling mixed plastics.
East Bay Express  |  Nate Seltenrich  |  04-13-2012  |  Environment

Phone Books Under Siegenew

Why phone books are in the crosshairs of legislators, environmentalists and pissed-off citizens.
The Inlander  |  Leah Sottile  |  03-31-2010  |  Environment

Microchips Among Us: New Trash and Recycling Carts Will Track Owner Usagenew

As 170,000 new trash and recycling carts are delivered throughout Ada County, Idaho, each household is unknowingly receiving a tracking device for monitoring weekly waste habits. In their new carts.
Boise Weekly  |  Mika Belle  |  11-11-2009  |  Tech

Ecoholic: Winning the Water Bottle Waste Debatenew

"My roommates buy highly packaged products and bottled water. How do I address this in a completely non-patronizing way?"
NOW Magazine  |  Adria Vasil  |  10-26-2009  |  Advice

Ignorance Unbound in the Health Care Debatenew

Among the most persistent and far-fetched of modern myths is the one that says government is always wasteful and inefficient, and the private sector never is. We've seen this mantra repeated in this summer's debate over health care, as fearful and unenlightened citizens inadvertently reveal that not only do they not know how the various programs run, they don't know who's running them.
Arkansas Times  |  Editorial  |  09-11-2009  |  Commentary

For Freegans, Eating Garbage Is Getting Downright Trendynew

John Greentree's what many would call a "freegan" -- a vegan who dumpster-dives for his meals -- but he prefers the terms "post-consumer," "urban harvester," and "vegan reclamist." Everything he eats or owns is second-hand. He manages to live virtually money-free, but modern-day hunting and gathering is practically a full-time job.
Phoenix New Times  |  Niki D'Andrea  |  08-25-2009  |  Food+Drink

My Worm Compost Bin Produces a Great Garden ... and a Clear Consciencenew

Why would anyone willingly keep hundreds of worms in her kitchen? Because the United States produces more than 30 million tons of organic waste each year, and when that material ends up in either the incinerator or the landfill, it creates far more problems than benefits.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Rachel Hutton  |  07-08-2009  |  Gardening

Getting Rid of Stuff the Green Waynew

Spring is the time for cleaning out and getting rid of stuff. Here are ways to make sure you don't add your stuff to landfills.
Jackson Free Press  |  Melia Dicker  |  04-09-2009  |  Environment

Trashing the Bordernew

Illegal immigrants dump tons of waste in the wilderness every day -- and it's devastating the environment.
Tucson Weekly  |  Leo W. Banks  |  04-02-2009  |  Environment

Fields of Plasticnew

Researchers Brian Mooney and Douglas Randall are looking into growing plastic along the fringes of Missouri farmland.
Riverfront Times  |  Kristen Hinman  |  03-13-2009  |  Environment

San Fran's Plastic Bag Ban Has Left the City with More Pollution and Costnew

It has become apparent that many of the rationales used to justify the ban -- such as its benefiting the environment and alleviating the city's litter problems -- are not playing out in the real world.
SF Weekly  |  Joe Eskenazi  |  01-07-2009  |  Environment

'Big Necessity' Looks at Some of the Problems with Poopnew

If we can remember the political dimensions of this most personal act, George suggests, we may one day find our way out of the muck.
New Haven Advocate  |  Jason B. Jones  |  12-09-2008  |  Nonfiction

Ecoholic: Turn Your Holiday Bash into a Locavore Love-Innew

If everyone brings one locally-sourced item, your buffet will serve as a model of green festing.
NOW Magazine  |  Adria Vasil  |  11-17-2008  |  Advice

Horrifying Waste: Halloween's Scary Environmental Impactnew

Halloween has become the second biggest consumer event of the year after Christmas. Costumes, candies and decorations top the list of goodies -- Halloween accoutrements made in China are shipped here and disposed of shortly after.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Adrienne Beattie  |  10-16-2008  |  Culture

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