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Dumpster-Diving Filmmaker Shares Back-Alley Secrets of Grocery Storesnew

Jeremy Seifert and his colleagues are introducing a school-based campaign to encourage zero waste called Eat Trash.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Jill Thomas  |  07-08-2010  |  Food+Drink

For Freegans, Eating Garbage Is Getting Downright Trendynew

John Greentree's what many would call a "freegan" -- a vegan who dumpster-dives for his meals -- but he prefers the terms "post-consumer," "urban harvester," and "vegan reclamist." Everything he eats or owns is second-hand. He manages to live virtually money-free, but modern-day hunting and gathering is practically a full-time job.
Phoenix New Times  |  Niki D'Andrea  |  08-25-2009  |  Food+Drink

A Dumpster Diver Loses His Right to Rummage at Vanderbilt Universitynew

Vanderbilt officials say their concern isn't theft—it's lawsuits. Dumpster diving isn't a big problem for the university -- they've never arrested anyone for Dumpster diving, and they continue to issue warnings of trespass charges for repeat offenders.
Nashville Scene  |  Tracy Moore  |  06-12-2009  |  Culture

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