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The Big Brown Machinenew

UPS dispute with mechanics union raises safety issues, consequences of globalization.
LEO Weekly  |  Jonathan Meador  |  10-20-2010  |  Business & Labor

William I. Robinson's Latest Outlines a Mad Rush Toward a World Where Cars Consume Cerealnew

In Latin America and Global Capitalism, Robinson uses research from years of on-the-ground work, and sifts through rafts of data to map out how neoliberal trade agreements and other mechanisms for greasing the machine of global commerce have increased profits for global elites while deeply disrupting traditional patterns of life and balance with the natural world.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Ben Terrall  |  07-01-2009  |  Nonfiction

Goldman Sachs Paints Picture of Changing World Ordernew

You have to hand it to the economics team at Goldman Sachs. It came up with the concept of the "BRICs": the four big economies, in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, which were going to catch up with and then overtake the big economies of the developed world. More recently, they added the "Next Eleven": middle-sized developing countries like Turkey, Indonesia, and Mexico that will also grow fast enough to overtake their old-rich counterparts in the next generation.
The Georgia Straight  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  07-31-2008  |  Economy

Is There a Middle Way in the Globalization Debate?new

As Sick Planet: Corporate Food and Medicine, by Stan Cox, and Starved for Science: How Biotechnology Is Being Kept Out Of Africa, by Robert Paarlberg collectively demonstrate, the globalization debate seems to demand either a stifling of common sense, or a radical reassessment of assumptions.
The Texas Observer  |  James E. McWilliams  |  07-02-2008  |  Nonfiction

South Carolina's Other Immigration Problem: Non-Native Plants and Animalsnew

Plant and animal species migrate naturally, and competition is the crux of evolutionary theory. But the globalization of shipping and travel have thrown things off balance, dropping hardy species like the emerging threat of cogongrass into situations where they're able to out-compete everything else for resources.
Charleston City Paper  |  Stratton Lawrence  |  06-11-2008  |  Environment

'Bad Money' is Not Meant to be Pretty, and It Isn'tnew

Phillips argues that financial recklessness, combined with peak oil and the rise of Asian economic power, will doom -- has already doomed -- American world leadership and our standard of living, which depend on the value of the dollar.
The Texas Observer  |  James K. Galbraith  |  05-21-2008  |  Nonfiction

Perched on the Edge

Though Americans aren't directly indicted in Austrian filmmaker Hubert Sauper's latest documentary, its portrayal of an unbalanced global economy arguably puts all First World nations in the hot seat.
Washington City Paper  |  Tricia Olszewski  |  12-02-2005  |  Reviews

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