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The Coming Digital/Biological Convergencenew

The secret thread running through the SXSW Interactive conference is one that, once noticed, is seen propagating throughout everything from politics to comedy, social media strategies to street parties, all the way to the very laws of thermodynamics.
San Antonio Current  |  Brandon R. Reynolds  |  03-22-2012  |  Tech

Will Monsanto's Sweet 'EverMild' Tearless Onion Whet a Discriminating Palate?new

St. Louis-based Monsanto has a plan to make sweet-onion farmers weep. The seed company last week unveiled a tearless onion that it's dubbed the "EverMild," modeled after the famous Vidalia sweet onion from Georgia.
Riverfront Times  |  Kristen Hinman  |  02-19-2010  |  Food+Drink

Is There a Middle Way in the Globalization Debate?new

As Sick Planet: Corporate Food and Medicine, by Stan Cox, and Starved for Science: How Biotechnology Is Being Kept Out Of Africa, by Robert Paarlberg collectively demonstrate, the globalization debate seems to demand either a stifling of common sense, or a radical reassessment of assumptions.
The Texas Observer  |  James E. McWilliams  |  07-02-2008  |  Nonfiction

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