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Catherine Hardwick Tackles 'Twilight'new

Director of teen-friendly vampire romance fights for respect from Hollywood boys' club.
NOW Magazine  |  Susan G. Cole  |  11-24-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Are Rape Jokes Ever Funny?new

Irreverent comic Sandra Bernhard won't be shilling for the Boston women's shelter Rosie's Place this year. Are the rules of comedy different for girls?
Boston Phoenix  |  Sara Faith Alterman  |  10-16-2008  |  Performance

Sarah Palin Can Run on Her Record, Proudlynew

There is no evidence her family has ever stood in the way of her work -- or vice versa. If she were a man, isn't that what we'd be talking about?
Phoenix New Times  |  Sarah Fenske  |  09-16-2008  |  Commentary

Every Half Hour Brings a New Tidbit To Light About Sarah Palinnew

As an actual feminist, I have the great good joy of getting to determine what is and isn't sexist. Sexist: Asking whether Sarah Palin shouldn't be staying home with her baby and her other children. (And yes, I've heard you asking just that.) Not sexist: Pointing out that Sarah Palin is an utter twit.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Rebecca Schoenkopf  |  09-05-2008  |  Commentary

Why Are So Few Female Chefs Drawn to the Helm of Restaurant Kitchens?new

Many believe the explanation is the crazy hours and militaristic physicality of the work, but isn't the field of emergency nursing, which poses similar challenges, run by women?
Santa Fe Reporter  |  A Qasimi  |  08-28-2008  |  Food+Drink

Hillary's Girls Define Angry Massachusetts Female Syndromenew

Clinton die-hards have created a new-girls' network bent on remedying decades of sexism by putting women in elected state offices.
Boston Phoenix  |  David S. Bernstein  |  08-21-2008  |  Politics

Pack A.D. Prooves You Don't Need Balls to Play the Devil's Musicnew

Critics and fans can't get enough of the band's intuitive musicianship—the Pack's drums-guitar interplay has been compared with that of the Black Keys and the White Stripes. But there are still some silly ol' sexists out there who feel that selling your soul at the crossroads is a man's job.
The Georgia Straight  |  Sarah Rowland  |  08-18-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Rising Detroit Rap Star Invincible Creates Sonic Calling Card from Activism & Dissentnew

Here's the deal: Invincible is one of the best emcees in the country, as many will tell you, gender notwithstanding, though the odds are stacked against her: 1) She's a woman working a male-dominated genre 2) She's gay and 3) She's overtly political -- her sympathy for the Palestinians, and politicking in a pop world often spells fiscal failure.
Metro Times  |  Brian Smith  |  08-12-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Reliving 'Mad Men' on DVDnew

Mad Men gets better as it goes along and you realize that it isn't about a murder and does not lampoon the American advertising industry in 1960.
NOW Magazine  |  Staff  |  07-07-2008  |  TV

Even Presidential Candidates are Judged on Their Breedability Quotientnew

Hillary Clinton is raising a lot of gleeful misogyny in more than a few male supremacists -- men and women -- because she won't go quietly into the proper middle-aged woman pasture.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Ellen Snortland  |  05-05-2008  |  Commentary

Sexism: 'The Problem with No Name' Rears its Headnew

Hillary Clinton is being told to step aside so Obama can take his rightful place as the Democratic candidate. Excuse me? We can run for office, but we can't fight like hell or even win?
Pasadena Weekly  |  Ellen Snortland  |  04-07-2008  |  The War on Women

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