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Onward, Christian Panderers: Pols Push Theocracy

Christian conservatives are in play this presidential election cycle. The candidates are bending over backwards -- and literally taking a bath--to woo them. Can democracy survive the pandering season?
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  10-18-2007  |  Religion

Frontrunners by Default: An Utterly Reckless 2008 Preview

The official frontrunners are Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani -- reality, at least 18 months before the 2008 presidential election, looks different.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  05-15-2007  |  Commentary

Wanted: More Dead Presidentsnew

Hopes were high when some of the biggest names in Illinois formed the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Foundation in Springfield, but it's now clear they have fallen far short of their financial goals. Richard Norton Smith hopes to play catch-up.
Illinois Times  |  Bruce Rushton  |  11-23-2005  |  Economy

Endorsements -- Election 2004new

The Colorado Springs Independent endorses John Kerry for president, Ken Salazar for U.S. Senate, and Michael Merrifield for the House. It also takes a stand on state, county and local candidates and issues.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Staff  |  10-27-2004  |  Commentary

Department of Glass Housesnew

George Bush has gone bonkers, says perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  10-01-2004  |  Politics

Bush Trips Over His Own Dance Stepsnew

With just a few more tweaks to the rules, George W. Bush and John Kerry should be able to reduce the presidential debates to a joint reading of prepared remarks off teleprompters.
Boston Phoenix  |  David S. Brenstein  |  10-01-2004  |  Politics

My Mom: Political Expertnew

Whenever I need a litmus test for the right-wing crazies, I call Mom.
Boston Phoenix  |  Camille Dodero  |  10-01-2004  |  Politics

Senator Decisive Bests President Ding Dongnew

The often long-winded John Kerry did a good job of staying out of his own way last night. He did an even better job of challenging the Bush administration’s repeated conflation of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda with Saddam Hussein.
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  10-01-2004  |  Politics

Bush’s Turnnew

Finally, the media turn their sights on the president. But Kerry supporters shouldn’t get too excited by the claims of gossip diva Kitty Kelley and a flawed CBS report.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  09-21-2004  |  Politics

Misleading America — Kerry's Been Ahead Since April

The leading indicators show John Kerry has been in the lead in almost all of the battleground states since the Democratic National Convention but that's not what was reported.
Random Lengths News  |  Paul Rosenberg  |  09-03-2004  |  Politics

All Aboardnew

John Sayles and his partner Maggie Renzi discuss the political messages in their film Silver City and describe how they pulled together the financing and cast.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Kathryn Eastburn  |  09-03-2004  |  Profiles & Interviews

It Ain't a Tie: State Polls Put Kerry Aheadnew

Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry is leading handily in electoral votes while the popular vote remains close. Why? Seven former "battleground" states have moved to Kerry and eight former Bush states have become freshly competitive.
Orlando Weekly  |  Alan Waldman  |  09-03-2004  |  Politics

Revisiting the Crime Scene: Florida Election Reformnew

Thanks to reforms undertaken after Bush’s 537-vote, no-recount victory over Al Gore, the Florida fiasco of 2000 couldn’t happen again. Or could it?
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  08-26-2004  |  Politics

The Math to Beat Bush: 10 States Could Swing the Electionnew

Forget the polls. Forget the national campaign. Even more than in 2000, the presidential race will be decided in a handful of states that could go either way. So far, it’s looking good for Kerry.
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  08-16-2004  |  Politics

Moore's Armynew

With house party screenings of Fahrenheit 9/11, galvanized neighborhood networks across the country.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Steven T. Jones  |  08-05-2004  |  Politics

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