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Absentee lies, satellite dreamsnew

The 2012 election presents a restrictive environment for Indiana's electorate.
NUVO  |  Steve Hammer  |  09-26-2012  |  Commentary

What If McCain (Gulp!) Won?new

What if all the pundits, pollsters, and press are wrong about Obama's chances? A preview of our worst national nightmare.
Boston Phoenix  |  Steven Stark  |  10-23-2008  |  Commentary

Is it Time for Liberals to McPanic?new

John McCain barreled into this week brandishing that creepy smile and an expanding lead in some national tracking polls, while nervous Democrats have already started their quadrennial flirtation with Canada.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  David Faris  |  09-16-2008  |  Commentary

Obama on the Ropes

McCain ought to be a pushover. Yet the latest polls have Obama neck and neck with McCain. What's up?
Maui Time  |  Obama on the Ropes  |  08-27-2008  |  Commentary

Is Barack Obama Too Scared to Win?new

The people who back Obama may be energetic young progressives, but they are not unlike the vast majority of Americans when it comes to what they look for in a candidate. Longtime progressive activist Glenn Hurowitz explains in Fear and Courage in the Democratic Party that a major factor determining any voter's choice is whether the candidate fights well (a characteristic described in polling data as being a "strong leader").
Portland Phoenix  |  Jeff Inglis  |  07-31-2008  |  Politics

What Political Reporters Wantnew

In the end, what the media wants is A Story. How they get it is determined by little things that most often don't really matter. Which is why the AP last week ran a story on how its joint poll with Yahoo! News shows that among pet owners John McCain beats Barack Obama 42 percent to 37 percent. Which doesn't mean squat.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Brian Morton  |  07-22-2008  |  Commentary

Misleading America — Kerry's Been Ahead Since April

The leading indicators show John Kerry has been in the lead in almost all of the battleground states since the Democratic National Convention but that's not what was reported.
Random Lengths News  |  Paul Rosenberg  |  09-03-2004  |  Politics

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