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They Won: 9/11 and the American Fear Factornew

The tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks is coming up, and according to some members of the media, we're all supposed to be excited about commemorating it. Maybe it's just me, but that seems an odd thing to do, kind of like if Poland threw a big party on the anniversary of being invaded by Nazi Germany.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  John Grooms  |  09-07-2011  |  Commentary

Profiting From 9/11: The Winnersnew

For some people, the terrorist attacks have been a gold mine.
The Village Voice  |  Graham Rayman  |  09-02-2011  |  Policy Issues

A Flight to Remembernew

Paul Greengrass's visceral cine-memorial stakes its claim to authenticity.
The Village Voice  |  Dennis Lim  |  04-19-2006  |  Reviews

Truth Outnew

Sick of being lied to by the EPA, 9/11 plaintiffs use the courts to force the answers they seek.
The Village Voice  |  Kristen Lombardi  |  02-22-2006  |  Environment

The Seekersnew

The birth and life of the "9/11 Truth" movement tells a story about what happens when a government lies -- for every action, there's a reaction equal and opposite.
The Village Voice  |  Jarrett Murphy  |  02-22-2006  |  Disasters

Trouble at an Ohio Sikh Templenew

A conflict between cut and uncut members of a Sikh temple in Bedford, Ohio, led to a fistfight and a request from the city law director that the temple remain shut for two weeks to allow tempers to cool.
Cleveland Scene  |  Charu Gupta  |  05-17-2005  |  Religion

American Dissidentnew

In an exclusive in-depth interview, embattled University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill speaks out on his writings, the media and the solution to terrorism.
Boulder Weekly  |  Pamela White  |  02-11-2005  |  Civil Liberties

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