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The Truth About 9/11 Truthers

The government and the media say 9/11 Truthers are crazy. But it's their refusal to allow a real investigation that is nuts.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  09-12-2011  |  War

Anti-Obama Birthers Breaking Ties With Orly Taitznew

Lucas Smith isn't the first in the Obama-conspiracy world to quarrel with Taitz. In May, Pennsylvania lawyer Phil Berg teamed up with his assistant, Taitz's former webmaster and an online-talk-show host to sue Taitz for slander, harassment and privacy violations.
OC Weekly  |  Spencer Kornhaber  |  09-29-2009  |  Politics

Conspiracy is in the Air ... No Wonder Hollywood is Embracing Paranoianew

With 9/11 Truthers, Birthers, Tea Partyers, and even Obama school-speech muckrakers dominating news cycles, conspiracy is clearly in the air. Hollywood has noticed -- that's why theaters are suddenly awash in paranoia.
Boston Phoenix  |  Peter Keough  |  09-10-2009  |  Movies

The Birther Theory: Welcome to the Bizarro Nationnew

A recent survey indicates that nearly 60 percent of registered Republicans openly question whether or not the President of the United States is a natural born citizen. Pennsylvania attorney Phil Berg, a lifelong Democrat, joins them.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Jonathan Valania  |  08-24-2009  |  Politics

The Bizarre Case of the People vs. Steve Rocconew

Former Orange Unified School District trustee Steve Rocco claims that a secretive cabal is the real power behind Orange County government. Now he stands accused of stealing a bottle of Heinz ketchup from a Chapman University cafeteria.
OC Weekly  |  Nick Schou  |  04-08-2009  |  Education

Rep. Eric Swafford's Bid to Make Tennessee a Laughingstocknew

Swafford has proudly become America's first state legislator to join the wacky legal action challenging Barack Obama's status as a U.S. citizen, an issue that's become an obsession of the far-right fringe.
Nashville Scene  |  Jeff Woods  |  02-20-2009  |  Politics

Dead Because He Knew Too Much?new

If there was a plot to steal the 2004 election in Ohio, GOP consultant Michael Connell knew about it.
Cleveland Scene  |  James Renner  |  01-23-2009  |  Policy Issues

Philly's UFOlogists Tell Us Why They Believenew

UFO sightings in the Philadelphia metro area are up by more than 700 percent this year. Boomerang-shaped UFOs, rhomboids, fireballs, UFOs that spew a silvery metallic substance that changes the chemical makeup of privet bushes and poisons robins -- you name it, we saw it.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Steven Wells  |  12-15-2008  |  Culture

Conspiracy Hits the Big Screennew

Were the 9/11 hijackers just patsies in an elaborate plan hatched by the New American Century to shore up support for a beleaguered president on the heels of a highly contested election? Nope. But Jarek Kupsc thinks so, and he's made a movie about it.
Boulder Weekly  |  Dylan Otto Krider  |  09-11-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Down the 9/11 Rabbit Holenew

Conspiracies still abound regarding the 9/11 attacks but then, conspiracy is as American as apple pie and planning a coup against FDR.
North Bay Bohemian  |  P. Joseph Potocki  |  08-29-2008  |  Politics

The Seekersnew

The birth and life of the "9/11 Truth" movement tells a story about what happens when a government lies -- for every action, there's a reaction equal and opposite.
The Village Voice  |  Jarrett Murphy  |  02-22-2006  |  Disasters

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