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Spies Like Usnew

The slippery slope of stealth parenting.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Catherine Durkin Robinson  |  09-14-2011  |  Commentary

The World is Watchingnew

Don't want the government, big industry, and some 15 year old to know your secrets? You're shit out of luck.
Portland Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  09-30-2010  |  Commentary

Philly's Broken Justicenew

If you haven't been reading the Philadelphia Inquirer's series on our broken judicial system, you really should: it lays out in excruciating detail the failures of our "system".
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Brendan Skwire  |  12-22-2009  |  Fashion

Note to Self: Don't Download Porn at Worknew

Three local university employees are out of a job after a state investigation revealed they had illegally downloaded materials, including porn, on work computers.
INDY Week  |  Staff  |  06-19-2008  |  Tech

Pittsburgh Couple Sues Google Over Street View Functionnew

In the suit, Christine and Aaron Boring contend that their privacy has been invaded and that the Google vehicle trespassed on their street. The suit says that "revealing this information has caused Plaintiffs mental suffering and diminished the value of their property."
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Melissa Meinzer  |  04-21-2008  |  Tech

Probing the Private Records of an Attorney Generalnew

The Pitch would like to know the last time Phill Kline went to the doctor and what for. But it lacks the power of the Kansas Attorney General, who subpoenaed 90 women's records from two abortion clinics.
The Pitch  |  C.J. Janovy  |  04-12-2005  |  Commentary

Big Brother in Aisle Onenew

Something sinister goes on when you accept a grocery store discount cards. But it's hard to turn one down without seeming paranoid.
New York Press  |  Jim Knipfel  |  01-27-2005  |  Commentary

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