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Texas' Other Death Penaltynew

A Galveston medical student describes life and death in the so-called safety net.
The Texas Observer  |  Rachel Pearson  |  11-15-2013  |  Health

The Texas Legislature's Sexist Little Secretnew

Tales from "the last of the good ol' boys clubs."
The Texas Observer  |  Olivia Messer  |  08-01-2013  |  The War on Women

The Shadow of the Sonnew

The trials of the border's most powerful law-enforcement family.
The Texas Observer  |  Melissa del Bosque  |  03-28-2013  |  Features

College Graduates Dependent On Food Stamps Are On the Risenew

One percent of food stamp recipients have a graduate degree, a number that's tripled since 2007.
The Texas Observer  |  Sarah Angle  |  02-19-2013  |  Poverty

Pregnant? Scared? Can They Help?new

The rise of crisis pregnancy centers and the abortion-alternative industry in Texas.
The Texas Observer  |  Carolyn Jones  |  12-12-2012  |  The War on Women


To see how the Koch brothers' free-market utopia operates, look no further than Corpus Christi, Texas.
The Texas Observer  |  Melissa del Bosque and Jen Reel  |  10-29-2012  |  Policy Issues

Sister Actnew

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's little-known sister is a lobbyist for lucrative doctor-owned hospitals.
The Texas Observer  |  Andrew Wheat  |  10-14-2012  |  Health

A Nightmare Scenario for Women's Healthnew

By excluding Planned Parenthood from the Women’s Health Program, Rick Perry has intensified Texas’ family planning crisis.
The Texas Observer  |  Carolyn Jones  |  09-06-2012  |  Health

Pipeline Companies Seize Land in Texas at Willnew

In Texas, property rights are sacred. It's encoded into our ethos—in this state, your ranch is your kingdom. If you catch a strangers inside your fenceline, by golly, you can shoot them. No one can infringe on your land.
The Texas Observer  |  Saul Elbein  |  08-28-2012  |  Civil Liberties

No Refugenew

Five years after the infamous raid on the FLDS compound in Texas - where authorities discovered that a fundamentalist, polygamous Mormon sect led by Warren Jeffs had been "spiritually" marrying underage girls to adult men - questions remain about the state's handling of the case and the safety of the children.
The Texas Observer  |  Janet Heimlich  |  08-07-2012  |  Children & Families

Red River Justicenew

In an East Texas county known for corrupt law enforcement, Mark Lesher fought the justice system—until it came for him too.
The Texas Observer  |  Patrick Michels  |  07-23-2012  |  Features

The Power of Marriagenew

How a gay union saved David Gonzales from deportation.
The Texas Observer  |  Emily DePrang  |  05-15-2012  |  LGBT

'We Have No Choice': One Woman's Ordeal with Texas' New Sonogram Lawnew

The painful decision to terminate a pregnancy is now—thanks to Texas' harsh new law—just the beginning of the torment.
The Texas Observer  |  Carolyn Jones  |  03-16-2012  |  Policy Issues

The Deadliest Place In Mexiconew

Who's killing the people of the Juarez Valley?
The Texas Observer  |  Melissa del Bosque  |  03-02-2012  |  International

Heritage of Abusenew

Waco religious group accused of child abuse, beatings and cover-ups.
The Texas Observer  |  Alex Hannaford  |  02-13-2012  |  Features

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