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Texas' Other Death Penaltynew

A Galveston medical student describes life and death in the so-called safety net.
The Texas Observer  |  Rachel Pearson  |  11-15-2013  |  Health

The Texas Legislature's Sexist Little Secretnew

Tales from "the last of the good ol' boys clubs."
The Texas Observer  |  Olivia Messer  |  08-01-2013  |  The War on Women

Texas Anti-Abortion Bill Defeatednew

In the end, after the 13-hour filibuster and all the wrangling over rules, Wendy Davis and her fellow Texas Democrats could do only so much. In the end, it was the citizens in the gallery who made the difference late Tuesday night.
The Texas Observer  |  Carolyn Jones  |  06-26-2013  |  Politics

The Shadow of the Sonnew

The trials of the border's most powerful law-enforcement family.
The Texas Observer  |  Melissa del Bosque  |  03-28-2013  |  Features

College Graduates Dependent On Food Stamps Are On the Risenew

One percent of food stamp recipients have a graduate degree, a number that's tripled since 2007.
The Texas Observer  |  Sarah Angle  |  02-19-2013  |  Poverty

Pregnant? Scared? Can They Help?new

The rise of crisis pregnancy centers and the abortion-alternative industry in Texas.
The Texas Observer  |  Carolyn Jones  |  12-12-2012  |  The War on Women


To see how the Koch brothers' free-market utopia operates, look no further than Corpus Christi, Texas.
The Texas Observer  |  Melissa del Bosque and Jen Reel  |  10-29-2012  |  Policy Issues

Sister Actnew

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's little-known sister is a lobbyist for lucrative doctor-owned hospitals.
The Texas Observer  |  Andrew Wheat  |  10-14-2012  |  Health

A Nightmare Scenario for Women's Healthnew

By excluding Planned Parenthood from the Women’s Health Program, Rick Perry has intensified Texas’ family planning crisis.
The Texas Observer  |  Carolyn Jones  |  09-06-2012  |  Health

Pipeline Companies Seize Land in Texas at Willnew

In Texas, property rights are sacred. It's encoded into our ethos—in this state, your ranch is your kingdom. If you catch a strangers inside your fenceline, by golly, you can shoot them. No one can infringe on your land.
The Texas Observer  |  Saul Elbein  |  08-28-2012  |  Civil Liberties

No Refugenew

Five years after the infamous raid on the FLDS compound in Texas - where authorities discovered that a fundamentalist, polygamous Mormon sect led by Warren Jeffs had been "spiritually" marrying underage girls to adult men - questions remain about the state's handling of the case and the safety of the children.
The Texas Observer  |  Janet Heimlich  |  08-07-2012  |  Children & Families

Red River Justicenew

In an East Texas county known for corrupt law enforcement, Mark Lesher fought the justice system—until it came for him too.
The Texas Observer  |  Patrick Michels  |  07-23-2012  |  Features

The Power of Marriagenew

How a gay union saved David Gonzales from deportation.
The Texas Observer  |  Emily DePrang  |  05-15-2012  |  LGBT

'We Have No Choice': One Woman's Ordeal with Texas' New Sonogram Lawnew

The painful decision to terminate a pregnancy is now—thanks to Texas' harsh new law—just the beginning of the torment.
The Texas Observer  |  Carolyn Jones  |  03-16-2012  |  Policy Issues

The Deadliest Place In Mexiconew

Who's killing the people of the Juarez Valley?
The Texas Observer  |  Melissa del Bosque  |  03-02-2012  |  International

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