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Attack of the 50-Foot Uterus!new

After years of repression by the Texas Legislature, the uterus is striking back!
Austin Chronicle  |  Staff  |  10-29-2015  |  The War on Women

The GOP Punishes Womennew

The war on women in North Carolina.
INDY Week  |  Bob Geary  |  10-02-2014  |  The War on Women

The Texas Legislature's Sexist Little Secretnew

Tales from "the last of the good ol' boys clubs."
The Texas Observer  |  Olivia Messer  |  08-01-2013  |  The War on Women

A Nightmare Scenario for Women's Healthnew

By excluding Planned Parenthood from the Women’s Health Program, Rick Perry has intensified Texas’ family planning crisis.
The Texas Observer  |  Carolyn Jones  |  09-06-2012  |  Health

South Carolinians Unite Against 'War on Women'new

For months, a national narrative that there is a war on women has been filling TV broadcasts and leading newspaper headlines. Democrats have blamed Republicans for trying to legislate away women’s reproductive rights; Republicans have accused Democrats of inflating an inflammatory wedge issue to score political points. For some, the Palmetto State is ground zero.
Columbia Free Times  |  Corey Hutchins  |  05-01-2012  |  The War on Women

Mississippi's Anti-Abortion Law Part of Nationwide Trendnew

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed the first major piece of anti-abortion legislation into law this week—a measure designed to close the state's only abortion clinic.
Jackson Free Press  |  Elizabeth Waibel  |  04-19-2012  |  The War on Women

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