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Planned Parenthood Shooting Leaves Southern Colo. Without Abortion Servicesnew

43 years after Roe v Wade, women's rights still a battleground.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Nat Stein  |  01-20-2016  |  The War on Women

Slim Jesus, Spike Lee and the art of cultural inauthenticitynew

Emcees in Chicago's underground drill-rap community are divided over which of two outsiders to dislike more.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  12-16-2015  |  Music

Nostalgia and nightmaresnew

Dreams frontman Nick Wold on Nirvana, Duran Duran and Charles Manson.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  12-11-2015  |  Profiles & Interviews

Welcome to Cannabis County, Coloradonew

Marijuana-friendly regulations and abundant ag land have positioned Pueblo County for an economic boom. Will it last?
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Joel Warner  |  10-08-2015  |  Features

Tribute to Indy Icon John Weissnew

For the first time in its 22-year history, a day will begin without John Weiss as publisher of the Colorado Springs Independent.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Ralph Routon  |  09-22-2015  |  Media

Tyler Durden Returnsnew

Fight Club gains a dark future and deep past via a short story and new graphic novel series.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Matthew Schniper  |  05-28-2015  |  Books

Why Music Still Matters at SXSWnew

Success comes with consequences, and one of them is contempt. As the South by Southwest music festival's attendance has risen — from just 700 in 1987 to nearly 30,000 in 2015 — so too has the volume of the critics and contrarians who've gone on to vilify what's become the world's largest music event.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  04-01-2015  |  Music

The Man Who Eradicated Smallpox Is Worriednew

Though health professionals have tried to debunk fears about vaccines — including the discredited argument that they cause autism — fewer kids are getting vaccinated.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  02-19-2015  |  Health

Dr. Huxtable and Mr. Cosbynew

The comedian and the accused rapist go together like mustard and milk.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  01-21-2015  |  Culture

Donations for Wildfire Relief Went to Plug Tourismnew

In early 2014, the Red Cross gave $50,000 of money designated to help with 2012 Colorado wildfires to the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. The grant first came to light in late October, when $10,000 of it was used to pay for a Manitou fireworks display.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Robert Meyerowitz  |  11-20-2014  |  Disasters

Inventing the Toke-Alyzernew

A Colorado company wants to make THC-impairment testing easier.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bryce Crawford  |  11-13-2014  |  Drugs

What's Next for LGBT Activists in Colo.?new

Colorado finally won the battle for same-sex marriage. What does that mean for the warriors?
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  10-16-2014  |  LGBT

Personhood by any other namenew

Amendment 67 would make the unborn 'persons,' which could lead to bizarre consequences.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  10-01-2014  |  The War on Women

War gear for local copsnew

As riots play out in St. Louis County, Mo., reports have resurfaced that police departments are being equipped with free gear such as armored vehicles from the military.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Pam Zubeck and J. Adrian Stanley  |  08-22-2014  |  Crime & Justice

Hash Oil Explosions on the Risenew

Exploding drug labs and house fires are usually associated with meth, but extracting hash oil from marijuana can also cause an explosion, and it seems to be a growing problem. In the last twelve months, Colorado Springs Police have confirmed five fires or explosions in the city caused by home hash-oil extractions.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Griffin Swartzell  |  07-30-2014  |  Drugs

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