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Your Own Personal Savagenew

Is Dan Savage one of the great ethicists of our time? Some say yes; Savage says no.
Eugene Weekly  |  Shannon Finnell  |  04-29-2011  |  Sex

Alt.Health: Scented Lavender's a Heal-All but It's Got a Dark Secretnew

I love the smell of lavender and put it in my closet, my muffins, my homemade scents and my tea. Chances are, there's a whiff of the stuff somewhere in your home right now. But this most elegant of herbs, touted for an astounding number of purposes, may have mixed blessings.
NOW Magazine  |  Elizabeth Bromstein  |  09-14-2009  |  Advice

Alt.Health: Make Sure Your Bike Seat is a Perfect Fitnew

Seat, saddle, whatever. Those things can get uncomfortable for your delicate bits. In rare cases, women can lose sensitivity and swell up. For men, it can be more serious, and there's even talk that too much of that long-term pressure on the penile region can make the little admiral stop saluting.
NOW Magazine  |  Elizabeth Bromstein  |  08-17-2009  |  Advice

Alt.Health: Be Smart About Body Artnew

There's been some scary stuff in the news lately about tattoo parlors getting pinged for health and safety violations. Most of it's about problems maintaining sterilization equipment, which might get you checking out who's going to inscribe that butterfly on your butt.
NOW Magazine  |  Elizabeth Bromstein  |  07-13-2009  |  Advice

Therapy Can't Change Reality, But It Can Help Us Better Deal with Life's Terrible Trialsnew

Psychotherapy isn't about altering the permanent, observable external events but, rather, dealing with what's really going on inside oneself and focusing on the mind that's confused and tired and a heart that's overwhelmed, sad and weary.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Patti Carmalt-Vener  |  03-30-2009  |  Advice

Ecoholic: Gifting Green Handbagsnew

"What's a greener present: a vegan handbag made with fake leather or a real leather one?"
NOW Magazine  |  Adria Vasil  |  12-12-2008  |  Advice

Body of Lies: When True Love is Really Just Good Sexnew

Is it bad to mistake good sex for love, you ask? Yes, if it leads you to try and force a relationship to work even when it's not right. But there's a way to keep your head in the game when you're in the hormone haze.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Marya Choby  |  12-03-2008  |  Culture

Alt.Health: Snooze Season Revivalnew

Weather winter doziness with light therapy and ginseng.
NOW Magazine  |  Elizabeth Bromstein  |  11-10-2008  |  Advice

Alt.Health: When the Situation's Gravenew

Death and fear. Halloween is the day we honor them both. How far can it go in soothing our deep-seated angst?
NOW Magazine  |  Elizabeth Bromstein  |  11-03-2008  |  Advice

Alt.Health: Need a Panic Mechanic?new

Conquer phobias by ditching your inner "boo" voice.
NOW Magazine  |  Elizabeth Bromstein  |  10-14-2008  |  Advice

Alt.Health: Don't Bank on Happinessnew

You can't satisfy your desires anyway, so stop dreaming of the big bucks.
NOW Magazine  |  Elizabeth Bromstein  |  09-15-2008  |  Advice

Ecoholic: Let's Jet-pool, Darlingnew

How much pollution is created by all these celebrities flying to town for the Toronto International Film Festival?
NOW Magazine  |  Adria Vasil  |  09-08-2008  |  Advice

Alt.Health: Unbreak My Heartnew

Get over lost love with a forkful of good carbs and forgiveness.
NOW Magazine  |  Elizabeth Bromstein  |  09-08-2008  |  Advice

The Angry Grammarian: I Copyedited the Lawnew

And the law won.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Jeffrey Barg  |  09-08-2008  |  Advice

Ecoholic: When Rowdy Raccoons Take Overnew

Raccoons are taking over my balcony, destroying plants and tearing up garbage. Is there an eco-friendly way to deal with them?
NOW Magazine  |  Adria Vasil  |  09-02-2008  |  Advice

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