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'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus': City Paper Grade B+new

The narrative is a showy gloss on the Faust legend with Tom Waits as a carny-huckster Beelzebub and Christopher Plummer as a monk-turned-immortal showman, and its reliance on oft-told tales and fairy tale archetypes is welcome given how the narrative seems to unravel rather than unfold.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Shaun Brady  |  01-12-2010  |  Reviews

What We Demand from Our Movie Heroes Says as Much About Us as Themnew

As the villains move closer toward the state of amoral blank slates -- less monsters and more unknowable black holes of pure negativity -- they have opened the ground for heroes to step more squarely into the chasm the bad guys have left behind. That shift is why, of late, the heroes actually have the better roles; why, fittingly, Batman remains a more compelling character than the starkly one-dimensional Joker.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  T.R. Witcher  |  08-01-2008  |  Movies

Heath Ledger Cements His Legend Playing Nemesis to Christian Bale's Gotham City Heronew

What a brooding pleasure it is to return to Nolan's Gotham City -- if pleasure is the right word for a movie that gazes so deeply and sometimes despairingly into the souls of restless men.
L.A. Weekly  |  Scott Foundas  |  07-18-2008  |  Reviews

The Batman Legacy Shines in Its Latest Installmentnew

Nolan's second installment, the thrilling morality tale The Dark Knight, puts its priorities completely in order.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Curt Holman  |  07-16-2008  |  Reviews

Heath Ledger's Joker is No Jokenew

Aside from Ledger, The Dark Knight's other huge star is the IMAX screen on which it should be seen.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Anders Wright  |  07-16-2008  |  Reviews

Heath Ledger's Final Days Among the Massesnew

Birthed in a big loft in midtown Manhattan by one Los Angeleno, Amato, and one New Yorker, Jon Ramos, in 2002, the collective was transformed in the fall of 2006, when the members set up shop in Hollywood, and Amato's longtime friend, Heath Ledger, started channeling some of his creative energy, and eventually, money, into the company. It was at the Masses that Ledger and his peers converged around a notion; taught each other how to shoot, light and edit; plotted out music and record labels; and sought to develop a little engine of creativity.
L.A. Weekly  |  Randall Roberts  |  07-11-2008  |  Movies

Death and Resurrection for the Boys of Summernew

Heath Ledger, Robert Downey Jr. and Christian Bale helm summer blockbusters that are surprisingly bleak.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Hannah Strom-Martin  |  05-30-2008  |  Commentary

Where the Queer and the Antelope Play

A love story in which you can't feel the love might sound like a dismal failure, but in Brokeback Mountain's case, it ain't.
Washington City Paper  |  Tricia Olszewski  |  12-19-2005  |  Reviews

Homo on the Rangenew

This romantic tragedy about a pair of lean, wind-burned cowpokes who secretly live to poke each other flies in the face of everything that most people in Casper or Riverton or Laramie think about the West, and about themselves.
SF Weekly  |  Bill Gallo  |  12-14-2005  |  Reviews

Skate Borednew

Adding only melodrama and pretty young boys, this fictional version of a documentary about the birth of skateboarding in 1970s California is no improvement on the original.
Dallas Observer  |  Robert Wilonsky  |  06-06-2005  |  Reviews

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