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Professor Pellom McDaniels Wants to Move Kansas City's Black History Beyond Entertainmentnew

Most black school kids, he says, view entertainment -- being a professional athlete or a performer -- as the only form of success available to them. McDaniels, who happens to be a former NFL player, sees history as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and opening a wider future.
The Pitch  |  Casey Lyons  |  11-03-2009  |  Education

Economic Sociology is the Fastest-Growing Field in Sociologynew

Like out-of-control Godzillas, financial markets have become monsters that eat everything. Why do they do this, and how can they be controlled? Sociologists want to know.
East Bay Express  |  Jay Youngdahl  |  08-26-2009  |  Economy

The Teacher Who Became A Dominatrixnew

A few years into her Ph.D., Madalyn White (not her real name) became disenchanted with the academic life -- largely because she hated making $1,200 a month as a sessional instructor and was tired of the publish-or-perish grind. So White made a career change. After more than 10 years in academics, White became a dominatrix.
SEE Magazine  |  Marliss Weber  |  07-17-2009  |  Culture

LOL, OIC, and WTF at ROFLThingnew

Meet the latest academic discipline and realm for cultural criticism: Internet culture studies.
East Bay Express  |  Elsa Kim  |  09-10-2008  |  Tech

Political Humor is No Longer Welcome in Academianew

For close to two decades, academia has been in the grips of a political-correctness fury that has strangled the sense of humor that was once the campus's best-known calling card. So if you're wondering why Barack Obama had such a surprisingly negative reaction to that New Yorker cover, consider the Harvard Factor.
Boston Phoenix  |  Harvey Silverglate  |  07-31-2008  |  Civil Liberties

School, Virtually: Higher Education Gets a Second Lifenew

Professors shrouded in virtual alter egos may one day become commonplace as universities turn to online technologies to cope with increasing enrollment, decreasing budgets and a diversifying student body. Second Life by Linden Labs is the cutting edge of tools being tapped by academia. But new professorial cliches are the least significant of changes forcing scholars to take a critical look at where higher ed might be headed.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Megan Burks  |  07-23-2008  |  Education

And All I Got Was This Lousy PhDnew

The University of Chicago's new funding plan has grad students questioning their future in academia.
Chicago Reader  |  Deanna Isaacs  |  05-05-2008  |  Education

A Look Inside the Changing Nature of Postdoctoral Researchnew

For postdoctoral researchers at UC Berkeley, the years at school keep growing as the chances of landing a faculty job keep waning.
East Bay Express  |  Anrica Deb  |  05-01-2008  |  Education

Discrimination Suits Accuse Southern Connecticut State University of Institutional Discriminationnew

Five SCSU business professors, past and present, are suing the university for discrimination and harassment, and all say the university president is aware of and maybe even condones the problems. If the claims are true, the lawsuits paint a bleak picture of academic life at the state school.
New Haven Advocate  |  Betsy Yagla  |  04-29-2008  |  Education

Sure, Global Warming Has Skepticsnew

But how many teach science at the University of Missouri?
The Pitch  |  David Martin  |  03-25-2008  |  Education

Proposed Bill Regulating Academic Speech Is Misguidednew

As they have in other states, conservatives in Ohio are pushing an "academic bill of rights" that would regulate professors' speech in the classroom. Here's some leftfield reasons why this loopy bill should be flushed.
The Athens NEWS  |  Terry Smith  |  02-21-2005  |  Commentary

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