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A Denver Scientist Helps Second Life Go Nuclearnew

SciLands' creators hope to give science education and advocacy a shot in the arm by invading the world of video games and internet obsessions that have wreaked havoc on museum attendance rates and homework assignments. Who knows? It may even work.
Westword  |  Joel Warner  |  09-22-2008  |  Tech

School, Virtually: Higher Education Gets a Second Lifenew

Professors shrouded in virtual alter egos may one day become commonplace as universities turn to online technologies to cope with increasing enrollment, decreasing budgets and a diversifying student body. Second Life by Linden Labs is the cutting edge of tools being tapped by academia. But new professorial cliches are the least significant of changes forcing scholars to take a critical look at where higher ed might be headed.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Megan Burks  |  07-23-2008  |  Education

The Seedy, Startling World of Virtual Economiesnew

On the margins of he online gaming industry lie shady characters, seedy deals and real-world crime that comprise an illegal market with a net economic activity of $2.9 billion annually.
Columbia Free Times  |  Ron Aiken  |  07-11-2007  |  Tech

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