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Colorful Plastic's Answer to 'World of Warcraft' Is the Brainchild of NetDevilnew

Spencer and Braxton Jones have to get off this spaceship. It's teetering on the brink of a black hole. The only way out is via the ship's escape rockets, but there's a catch: The rockets' components are scattered all about the spaceship, in the form of little plastic blocks.
Westword  |  Joel Warner  |  01-11-2010  |  Video Games

How a Gamer Used His Celebrity in 'World of Warcraft' to Launch a Music Careernew

Even Michael Bailey -- or Fony, as he's known to fellow WoW gamers -- couldn't have predicted that one day his cyber-world celebrity would bring his real-world electronic music group hundreds of digital download sales and a burgeoning international fanbase.
East Bay Express  |  Nate Seltenrich  |  07-02-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

I Lost My Life to World of Warcraftnew

While I have been an elite player of many off- and online games, I have also been the inevitable loser of close friends and loved ones who cannot shake the mind rot and addiction of their electronic second selves.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Gabriel Francisco  |  09-05-2008  |  Culture

The Seedy, Startling World of Virtual Economiesnew

On the margins of he online gaming industry lie shady characters, seedy deals and real-world crime that comprise an illegal market with a net economic activity of $2.9 billion annually.
Columbia Free Times  |  Ron Aiken  |  07-11-2007  |  Tech

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