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Five Things You'd Think Would Be Vegan--But Aren'tnew

It's not easy to be an observant vegan. But then there are the pitfalls. Some things that should be vegan contain animal products, sometimes in surprising places. Here are five of those products.
OC Weekly  |  Dave Lieberman  |  03-28-2011  |  Food+Drink

Veganize Menew

Is it possible to be a vegan in New Orleans? One man goes down the rabbit food hole for a month in the Big Greasy.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  08-20-2010  |  Food+Drink

Flesh Mob: New York’s Vegetarians Have Come Down With Some Serious Bloodlustnew

These days, as high-profile chefs like David Chang resolutely refuse to cater to an animal product-free world, many New York vegetarians are giving up the greens and developing a taste for flesh.
New York Press  |  Linnea Covington  |  01-14-2010  |  Food+Drink

Guess Whose Diet is Most Affected By High Gas Pricesnew

Though many vegans are inspired in part by kindness toward the Earth and its creatures, they are now finding that their diet is very dependent on cheap gas.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Boyce Upholt  |  08-19-2008  |  Food+Drink

Lean, Mean Meat-Free Bodybuilding Machinenew

Robert Cheeke is a bodybuilder, but he has an even better reason to be proud of his massive muscles--they're made of soy. Cheeke isn't just vegan; he's preaching the good news that eating a plant-based diet doesn't mean being a noodle-armed wimp.
Willamette Week  |  John Minervini  |  07-16-2008  |  Sports

Two Portland Bakeries Say No Eggs, No Gluten, No Problemnew

Bread ain't just bread anymore -- especially if you're part of the city's growing legion of vegans or gluten-intolerant.
Willamette Week  |  Deeda Schroeder  |  06-11-2008  |  Food+Drink

Bringing Vegan Comfort Food to the Massesnew

Comfort food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you say the word "vegan," but Damon Brasch's eatery aims to change that.
Phoenix New Times  |  Michele Laudig  |  04-08-2008  |  Food+Drink

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