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What the Supreme Court's Decision Means For Younew

Citizens United should not be seen as the death knell of campaign finance reform. Indeed, this decision is so unprecedented and far-reaching that it could be the catalyst that prompts elected officials to start taking money-in-politics reform more seriously.
INDY Week  |  Chase Foster  |  01-28-2010  |  Commentary

Russ Feingold on Where He's Agreed with McCain ... and Disagreed with Obamanew

Feingold talked with WW about his disagreements with Obama over FISA, which granted immunity to telecoms participating in Bush's eavesdropping program. He also talked about how being forever associated with McCain as a result of their pioneering campaign finance reform law is nothing like having the name of an ex-girlfriend tattooed on your biceps.
Willamette Week  |  Beth Slovic  |  10-08-2008  |  Politics

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