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Greenwashing the Milknew

Despite a downturn, two giants of the organic milk industry are going strong. And the secret to their success appears to be a loophole in federal law that lets them market their milk as "organic" while raising their herds in a manner that critics say mocks the term.
East Bay Express  |  Robert Gammon  |  11-25-2009  |  Food+Drink

A Mutant Protein Has Invaded Much of the World's Dairy Supplynew

While most dairy companies, trade groups and government agencies consider it harmless, a growing body of research implicates A1 beta-casein in diabetes, heart disease, autism and schizophrenia.
Missoula Independent  |  Ari Le Vaux  |  09-11-2009  |  Food+Drink

Is it Time to Reconsider Our Relationship With Milk?new

Mammals are named after their milk-producing glands, developed as a way to feed babies, but only humans continue drinking mammary secretions after infancy -- and no other species drinks the milk of another. Today, dairy consumption is at the center of several interconnected social, economic and health crises.
Missoula Independent  |  Ari Le Vaux  |  08-18-2009  |  Food+Drink

Nova Scotia's Organic Milk Industry Faces Bureaucratic Bullnew

Cows' milk is different from most food Nova Scotians buy.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Lezlie Lowe  |  08-05-2009  |  Food+Drink

Why So Serious?: A Holiday Movie Previewnew

This year tragedy for tragedy's sake is on the front burner. It's nothing new, releasing dead-serious pictures at the dead of Christmas.
Chicago Newcity  |  Ray Pride  |  12-17-2008  |  Movies

'Milk' Is a Fitting Tributenew

The success of Milk is due in part to The Times of Harvey Milk, the Oscar-winning documentary that Van Sant uses as a template. But Milk exceeds its source material.
Eugene Weekly  |  Jason Blair  |  12-16-2008  |  Reviews

'Milk' is Refreshingnew

Biopic balances mainstream Hollywood with gay politics.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Bryn Evans  |  12-11-2008  |  Reviews

'Milk' Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black Finds Inspiration Both Personal and Politicalnew

"When I was done with the script, I was going to take it out to some directors, and Cleve said, 'No, let me send it out,' and he gave it to Gus." From there, the film came together very quickly -- in a matter of weeks, the producers and Sean Penn were on board.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Bryn Evans  |  12-11-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

'Milk' is Compelling from Start to Finishnew

Gus Van Sant shows that not only can he put a story together; he can do it better than just about anyone working in film.
Tucson Weekly  |  James DiGiovanna  |  12-11-2008  |  Reviews

Remembering the Lessons of Harvey Milknew

As the 30th anniversary of his assassination approached last week, coupled with the opening of the new Sean Penn biopic on his life, it became clear that the lessons of Milk are being lost to the newest generation of the LGBT community.
INDY Week  |  Steven Petrow  |  12-11-2008  |  LGBT

'Milk': Great Film Does a Viewer Goodnew

Although Milk is set in the 1970s, it couldn't possibly be more relevant to today's events.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Matt Brunson  |  12-10-2008  |  Reviews

'Milk' Breathes Life into Counterculture Crusadernew

There is an inevitability to the tragedy of Milk, but the film never wallows in the downbeat. Instead, it gently celebrates the spirit of its indefatigable hero. More than just a martyr to the cause of gay rights, Milk was a leader who stepped up when troubled times demanded.
Weekly Alibi  |  Devin D. O'Leary  |  12-09-2008  |  Reviews

Gus Van Sant's 'Milk' is Itself a Political Actnew

Milk hits theaters amid a renewed debate over the place of homosexuals in American life. Whether the cause will help the film is anyone's guess, but there seems little doubt that the film will help the cause.
Chicago Reader  |  J.R. Jones  |  12-02-2008  |  Reviews

'Milk' Avoids Sentimentality and Rouses Cross-Cultural Folknew

Van Sant keeps the movie brisk and engaging, taking what could have been an endless parade of period vignettes and turning them into a reflection of Milk's seemingly boundless sense of humanity. What pulls everything together, however, is Sean Penn's spectacularly infectious performance.
Metro Times  |  Jeff Meyers  |  12-02-2008  |  Reviews

'Milk': The Politics Behind the Picturenew

The new Harvey Milk movie, which opens later this month, begins as a love story, but after that, the movie gets political -- in fact, by Hollywood standards, it's remarkably political. The movie raises a lot of issues that are alive and part of San Francisco politics today.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Steven T. Jones and Tim Redmond  |  11-19-2008  |  Movies

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