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E Tu, Beet Rootnew

By deregulating genetically modified sugar beets and alfalfa, USDA has tipped its hand on where it stands on GM foods.
Weekly Alibi  |  Ari LeVaux  |  02-24-2011  |  Food+Drink

The Cannabis Clean-Up Teamnew

Oakland's Steep Hill lab and its chemists are partnering with cops and growers to ensure that pot is safe.
East Bay Express  |  David Downs  |  01-10-2011  |  Drugs

The Humane Society and Big Agriculture Slug It Out Over Animal Rightsnew

On one side: a phalanx of corporation- and family-owned farms that operate on large economies of scale, raising 10 billion animals a year. On the opposite side: the Humane Society, founded as a protector for all animals, from dogs and cats to seals and whales to hens and cattle.
Riverfront Times  |  Kristen Hinman  |  04-15-2010  |  Animal Issues

A Border Project Faces Accusations of Lobbying Pressure and Wasted Moneynew

According to some critics, the push for consolidating services at the Nogales port comes from the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, a powerful trade group representing 125 produce dealers, brokers and distributors who import Mexican fruits and vegetables. Big money is at stake: In Nogales, produce has grown into a $2 billion industry.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  10-07-2009  |  Immigration

Green Beers That Are More Al Gore Than Dr. Seussnew

Green beers are friendlier to the environment, and most of the ingredients are grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. For a beer to be USDA-approved organic, 95 percent of its ingredients must be organic.
INDY Week  |  Matthew McGibney  |  06-18-2009  |  Food+Drink

Recent Tiger Attacks Have Some in Missouri Calling for Tougher Exotic Animal Lawsnew

Missouri is one of 23 states that permit individuals to keep tigers and other big cats as pets. State law says only that owners must register their animals with a local law enforcement agency and that failure to do so is a misdemeanor.
Riverfront Times  |  Keegan Hamilton  |  08-22-2008  |  Animal Issues

Dirty Secrets Under the Big Top

Lawsuits charge Ringling Bros. with abusing animals, endangering public health, and sabotaging its critics via former CIA spooks. This October, a federal court could finally determine whether rough, regular treatment of endangered Asian elephants by circus handlers constitutes illegal animal abuse. Could this be the end of the circus as we know it?
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Steve Jones  |  08-15-2008  |  Animal Issues

If Obesity is a Choice, It's Not One the Poor Get to Makenew

A recent study put grocery prices to the test. Among the 370 foods sampled, it found that energy-dense junk food cost an average of $1.76 per 1,000 calories, while nutritious, unprocessed foods came in at a whopping $18.16 per 1,000 calories.
Orlando Weekly  |  Billy Manes  |  05-06-2008  |  Science

Something's Fishynew

Well, that "organic salmon" label does stand for at least one thing: increased profit margins.
INDY Week  |  David Auerbach  |  06-01-2006  |  Food+Drink

The Latest Trend: Poverty -- and It's on the Risenew

In Illinois, there are more than 1.56 million people living below the poverty line, and the number is expected to grow.
Illinois Times  |  Joan Villa  |  10-28-2005  |  Economy

Fighting Big Beefnew

Montana meat packer John Munsell files a potentially groundbreaking lawsuit against the USDA.
Missoula Independent  |  Mike Keefe-Feldman  |  11-04-2004  |  Animal Issues

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