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Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker Display Their Indie Artifactsnew

It was on a whim roughly 25 years ago that a young David Lowery called up a friend at SST Records to see how SST had been promoting records that year.
Boston Phoenix  |  Matt Parish  |  01-17-2011  |  Profiles & Interviews

Two Queer Legends of Indie Rock and Queercore Look Backnew

Pansy Division's Jon Ginoli and Camper Van Beethoven's Victor Krummenacher got together recently to talk about the way it was, coming out in the repressed 1980s and coming into their own experientially, politically, and musically in 1990s San Francisco -- each, as Krummenacher puts it, a "gay guy suddenly in Candyland."
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Kimberly Chun  |  06-25-2008  |  Music

Cracker's David Lowery Motors Aheadnew

The singer-guitarist has joyfully explored different pop and rock music sounds with his band Cracker since 1991 -- just a year after Lowery's California-based college radio rascals Camper Van Beethoven called it a day.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  04-30-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Cracker Rocks On!new

Johnny Hickamn and David Lowery have been rocking to dedicated fans for years.
Metro Spirit  |  Erika Bolin  |  07-03-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

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