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Border Agent Who Shot Immigrant Sues Gov't Over Invasion of Privacynew

Border Patrol agent Arturo Lorenzo and his wife are suing the U.S. government, saying that releasing the video of him shooting 20-year-old Ramiro Gamez Acosta invaded Lorenzo's privacy and destroyed his reputation, exposing him and his family to death threats.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Justin McLachlan  |  09-16-2009  |  Immigration

People Who Died: Our Annual Alt-Obitsnew

Death took its usual toll this year, and seemingly then some. Genocide, war, terrorist attacks, disease -- yikes. But for the purposes of City Paper's annual tribute to influential cultural notables whose deaths deserve a little extra note, it was a terrible harvest.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Staff  |  01-06-2009  |  Commentary

Heroin Use on the Rise in Wisconsinnew

Heroin has always had a presence in southeastern Wisconsin, and there have always been some hardcore users in the area. But things changed in the 1990s, when Colombian cocaine traffickers saw the profits that Asian producers were making on heroin, primarily China White.
Shepherd Express  |  Lisa Kaiser  |  09-26-2008  |  Drugs

Was Juan Mendoza Farias Beaten to Death by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Guards?new

On Dec. 2, 2007, a 40-year-old man named Juan Mendoza Farias was arrested and booked into the Maricopa County Jail for a DUI-related offense, a probation violation. Farias wound up with a death sentence.
Phoenix New Times  |  John Dickerson  |  09-16-2008  |  Crime & Justice

Military Fails to List Soldier's Death as Combat-Relatednew

According to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, between 150,000 and 300,000 U.S. troops have suffered traumatic brain injury, which the group labels "the signature injury of the war." James McDonald was one of them, and yet the military has thus far refused to classify his death as combat-related.
Isthmus  |  Roger Bybee  |  05-19-2008  |  War

Jim Sheeler Emerges from World of Wartime Loss With New Book and a Pleanew

Jim Sheeler's path to the Pulitzer Prize began simply enough. He was just curious about what was going on behind the scenes during the military funeral for Lance Cpl. Thomas J. Slocum, the first Coloradan to fall in the Iraq War.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Michael De Yoanna  |  05-13-2008  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

'Mission Accomplished' Turns Fivenew

Since Bush's photo-op on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, 3,917 more U.S. soldiers have died. The total number of U.S. military deaths now stands at 4,056, and an estimated 10-15 percent of soldiers have experienced traumatic brain injuries.
Shepherd Express  |  Lisa Kaiser  |  05-02-2008  |  War

Fort Lewis Rangers Rack Up Accidental Casualtiesnew

Four of the fort's nine Ranger fatalities in Iraq, Afghanistan, and training exercises since 2004 have been caused by accidents, including the notorious friendly-fire death of Cpl. Pat Tillman.
Seattle Weekly  |  Rick Anderson  |  09-18-2007  |  War

Not a Pretty Picturenew

The Philadelphia Inquirer publishes photos of dead American soldiers -- but only online.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Cassidy Hartmann  |  03-20-2006  |  Media

Crystal Meth Marks New Crisis for Gaysnew

The gay community has an addiction crisis that is not reported in the media because that would require straight people to take responsibility for the harm they've caused.
The Village Voice  |  Patrick Moore  |  06-22-2005  |  LGBT

No More Lethal Goofsnew

Hospitals jump on board a campaign to accidentally kill fewer patients.
Metroland  |  Tom Hilliard  |  06-16-2005  |  Science

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