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Five Reasons Your Barista Hates Younew

Your baristas are a delicate breed of human -- they are perfectionists when it comes to their craft and sensitive when it comes to social aptitude.
Westword  |  Thorin Klosowski  |  08-23-2010  |  Food+Drink

Baristas Say the Fight for Better Conditions is Uphill but Necessarynew

In December, Starbucks employees blocked the drive-through window at the company's coffee shop at Rosedale Street and 8th Avenue for about 20 minutes, in protest of the rising cost of their healthcare insurance, low wages, and a litany of other issues.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Eric Griffey  |  02-09-2010  |  Business & Labor

DeVotchKa is Anything but a McBandnew

With newfound acclaim, the band gives up a little control but no singularity.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Kirsten Akens  |  10-28-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Zales Smells Sweet Success in Expanding Dunkin' Donutsnew

Last year, Dunkin' Donuts embarked on an ambitious westward expansion, with plans to open about 9,000 new stores nationwide by 2016, at a time when Starbucks is scaling back and retailers everywhere are looking for ways to pinch pennies as the economy continues to dive toward recession or worse.
Dallas Observer  |  Jesse Hyde  |  10-06-2008  |  Food+Drink

Double-Mocha Nonfat Soy Sadness: Vegas Says Goodbye to Some Starbucks Branchesnew

Upon hearing the death knell for five of my favorite local Starbucks, I set out to enjoy them all one last time before they close on July 27, and to chronicle them here, so that they're etched in history.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Stacy Willis  |  07-25-2008  |  Food+Drink

Starbucks Baristas Union Drive Comes at Key Timenew

The effort to organize Minnesota latte-slingers could hurt the ailing chain.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Matt Snyders  |  07-24-2008  |  Business & Labor

Starbucks Subsidiary has Big Plans Brewing for Hilary McRaenew

She signed with Hear Music, the Starbucks subsidiary that's home to such superstars as Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Carly Simon.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Lee Zimmerman  |  05-07-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Seattle Barista's Suit Against Starbucks Heading to Courtnew

The coffee giant's leases may violate antitrust laws.
Seattle Weekly  |  Rick Anderson  |  12-03-2007  |  Business & Labor

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