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Ron Paul Wouldn't Actually Give Dennis Kucinich a Cabinet Postnew

U.S. News and World Report says that during a breakfast with the press Wednesday morning, Libertarian GOP Ron Paul said he'd consider giving Dennis! Kucinich a Cabinet post should Paul win the Presidency. Maybe State or Defense. The shoutout was a joke.
Cleveland Scene  |  Vince Grzegorek  |  09-22-2011  |  Elections

Rock You Like a Herman Cainnew

The dizzying rise of Atlanta's best-known black conservative.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Thomas Wheatley  |  07-26-2011  |  Elections

Pretty Rowdy in Pinknew

San Francisco leftist gadfly Medea Benjamin, and the anti-war women's group she co-founded called Code Pink, ironically has members of the passionate right seeing red in defense of their proclaimed enemy: Democrat Hillary Clinton.
SF Weekly  |  Matt Smith  |  12-29-2005  |  Commentary

Indie Kid Talks About the Campaign, Religion and Musicnew

Conor Oberst, the star of Bright Eyes, says he wants to write songs about whatever inspires him -- including politics. His band is releasing two new CDs.
Montreal Mirror  |  Lorraine Carpenter  |  01-17-2005  |  Profiles & Interviews

Was It Hacked?new

The Bush administration's "fix" of the 2000 election debacle (the Help America Vote Act) made crooked elections considerably easier, by foisting paperless electronic voting on states before the bugs had been worked out or meaningful safeguards could be installed.
Orlando Weekly  |  Alan Waldman  |  11-18-2004  |  Politics

Swap the Votenew

Vote swapping, these days known more softly as "vote trading," is back from the grave of the 2000 election. Is it legal? Ethical? Possible? A way to vote Nader and oust Bush?
Orlando Weekly  |  Scott Duke Harris  |  10-21-2004  |  Politics

Count All Votes -- Except Those for Nadernew

Harvard University constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe argued before the Florida Supreme Court that keeping Ralph Nader's name on the state's ballot would be not only "chaotic," but "worse than the butterfly ballot, you'll need a centipede ballot."
Miami New Times  |  Brett Sokol  |  10-13-2004  |  Politics

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