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Amy Bloom's (Mostly) New Stories Look for What Matters Mostnew

Amy Bloom's new collection is a revelation of the emotional violence and loss within friendship and complicated love. Many writers would do well to heed Bloom, who can compound the very essence of a relationship in a single phrase.
New Haven Advocate  |  Nora Nahid Khan  |  01-19-2010  |  Fiction

Five Books That Have Helped Make This a Great Year for Short-Story Collectionsnew

They may be small, but short stories have been getting a lot of ink lately. It has been a banner year for new short-story collections, with impressive efforts from first-time authors and veterans alike. Here's the cream of this year's crop.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  David Berke  |  09-18-2009  |  Books

'Entrapment': A Never-Before-Published Story by Nelson Algrennew

About 300 pages of an unfinished novel wound up in the Algren archives at Ohio State University, and in edited form they make their first public appearance as "Entrapment," from a new collection of previously unpublished work by Algren edited by Brooke Horvath and Dan Simon for Seven Stories Press.
Chicago Reader  |  Nelson Algren  |  04-13-2009  |  Original Work

Food Plays a Starring Role in Russian Emigre's New Short Story Collectionnew

Food, like music, can bring you back to a moment in time. For the cast of Broccoli, the smell and taste of spinach or memories of puffed rice help them relive their Russian past and hold on to a piece of their heritage.
Charleston City Paper  |  Alison Sher  |  08-20-2008  |  Fiction

Lien Chao's 'The Chinese Knot' Offers Unique Perspectivenew

All these stories are told from the point of view of single Chinese-Canadian women, who make up an intriguing demographic. Many of them came to Canada in the 80s and 90s only to experience painful family conflict – usually ending in divorce – once they got here.
NOW Magazine  |  Staff  |  08-04-2008  |  Fiction

Michael Ian Black Unleashes Some Essaysnew

It's a collection of short essays that often feel like blog posts; some of the pieces—such as "Hey, David Sedaris--Why Don't You Go Ahead and Suck It?" or "A Series of Letters to the First Girl I Ever Fingered"--are vaguely grounded in reality, while others are completely fanciful.
The Portland Mercury  |  Ned Lannamann  |  07-24-2008  |  Fiction

Jack Pendarvis Debuts with 'Awesome' Absurditynew

Besides a smattering of high-end literary references, prepare in Awesome to be treated to life's lower end: multiple examples of buggery and flatulence.
The Memphis Flyer  |  Leonard Gill  |  06-27-2008  |  Fiction

Something Happenednew

The hero of John Haskell's debut novel "was in the middle of living happily ever after when something happened." His wife and car disappeared from a roadside gas station, setting him off on a wild-goose chase.
The Village Voice  |  Joy Press  |  01-13-2005  |  Fiction

The Village Voice's 27 Favorite Books of the Yearnew

The unsentimental graphic novel by Iranian-born Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis 2 and Linh Dinh's collection of seven stories, Blood and Soap, are among the recommended books.
The Village Voice  |  Staff Writers  |  12-09-2004  |  Nonfiction

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