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Toxic Assets

The next time someone tells you that capitalism is efficient, remember the mold houses.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  07-14-2011  |  Economy

Thrifty Families and Other Lies

We Americans value thrift and personal responsibility. We believe we should live within our means. These cultural ideals stem from our Puritan history. But we don't live up to our ideals. Not even close.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  04-25-2011  |  Policy Issues

How a Wonky Academic Became a Major Player in D.C.'s Real-Estate Businessnew

In an area full of experts who prognosticate about the fate of the global economy, Stephen Fuller is the most influential economist on the area. But while he hands down reports from his perch at George Mason’s Center for Regional Analysis, he’s no ivory tower academic.
Washington City Paper  |  Lydia DePillis  |  04-18-2011  |  Housing & Development

Burlington Realtor Jessica Bridge Wants to Make You Happynew

Jessica Bridge knows nearly everybody. And just about everybody in Burlington seems to know her. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of making Bridge’s acquaintance, sit tight. At some point, someone will recommend her.
Seven Days  |  Lauren Ober  |  03-12-2010  |  Housing & Development

Buy an Island: A County's Priciest Property Listing is in the Middle of Converse Baynew

With their children grown, the owners of a Vermont island retreat have put it on the market at a price as big as the bathtub once used by President Taft: $7.9 million. The estate’s $19,652 yearly property tax bill is just as eye-popping.
Seven Days  |  Andy Bromage  |  03-12-2010  |  Housing & Development

Indie Rock Darlings Real Estate Charm Blog Worldnew

Real Estate is the latest of the delightfully fey and arty indie-rock darlings to charm the pants off of the blog world — and with good reason. The self-titled, debut full-length from these New Jersey newcomers is rife with instant nostalgia that colors the wilting melodies of such songs as “Pool Swimmers,” “Atlantic City” and “Beach Comber.”
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Chad Radford  |  01-12-2010  |  Reviews

Downtown Phoenix is Full of Gleaming Progress Surrounded by Vacant Lots -- Now What?new

With boring old suburban McMansions commanding a half-million dollars, you can see why developers decided that downtown Phoenix would be the next big thing. And then the bottom dropped out.
Phoenix New Times  |  Sarah Fenske  |  10-20-2009  |  Housing & Development

What Has D.C. Gotten for the $10 Million it's Paid Ron Moten's Peaceoholics?new

Since 2005, Peaceoholics has received more than $10 million in grants and loans from the D.C. government and agencies that work closely with the city on youth social services. Most of that money, about $500,000 per month, goes toward salaries, expenses and rent for the group’s office in Southeast D.C. Yet just what Peaceoholics does with its grants has surfaced as a public issue twice in 2009.
Washington City Paper  |  Jeffrey Anderson  |  10-08-2009  |  Crime & Justice

How ACORN Foresaw the Foreclosure Crisis in 2001new

The grassroots group helped Oakland pass a tough anti-predatory lending law that would have halted the housing crisis before it started. Then subprime lenders started making campaign contributions in Sacramento.
East Bay Express  |  Robert Gammon  |  09-30-2009  |  Economy

Upside Down in Pontiac: How Investors Walk Away from Disasternew

Many Pontiac houses sit and continue to decline in value, blight the community, attract nuisances, cost lenders and the city money in maintenance, and pull down the values of nearby properties. Some have resold for a fraction of their taxable values, further driving down home prices around them. Others will sit vacant for years.
Metro Times  |  Sandra Svoboda  |  09-15-2009  |  Economy

Roberto Maldonado, the Real Estate King of the Chicago City Councilnew

The brand-new 26th Ward alderman owns more properties than any other council rep -- including ten in his own ward. That's a lot of potential conflicts of interest.
Chicago Reader  |  Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke  |  08-24-2009  |  Politics

Good News -- Really -- From the Dallas City Hall Corruption Trialnew

There may be a way to look at this terribly depressing City Hall corruption trial now under way in federal court and come away feeling optimistic. And I'm not talking about watching the trial while drunk.
Dallas Observer  |  Jim Schutze  |  08-10-2009  |  Commentary

Foreclosure and Its Aftereffects in East Oaklandnew

The wave of foreclosures affecting East Oakland and other low-income neighborhoods has been accompanied by a related wave of blight, decay, and crime.
East Bay Express  |  Sam Levin  |  06-24-2009  |  Housing & Development

South Florida's Housing Crisis Leaves Behind Ghost Towersnew

During the past decade, South Florida's landscape was transformed by a real estate frenzy, part of the biggest home-price boom in American history. But the only thing more stunning than the housing market's steep climb was its precipitous fall.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Lisa Rab  |  06-23-2009  |  Housing & Development

Working the Home Price Reductionsnew

In today’s buyers' market, you hear stories of $500,000 homes selling for as little as $250,000 -- a buyer's jackpot by any standard. Price reductions are everywhere -- so how can a savvy homebuyer make the most of them?
C-Ville Weekly  |  Jessie Knadler  |  06-10-2009  |  Housing & Development

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