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The Katrina Education Lienew

Among the many reflections on the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast, the discussion of its effects on schools in New Orleans may be the most disingenuous.
Jackson Free Press  |  Shannon Eubanks  |  09-11-2015  |  Disasters

Heckuva Comeback, 'Brownie'new

Ex-FEMA boss Michael Brown talks about his return to New Orleans for the 5th anniversary of Katrina.
Westword  |  Michael Roberts  |  08-25-2010  |  Disasters

Dirty Dozen's Fight to Stay Relevant Echoes Their Hometown's Strugglesnew

If there’s anything post-Katrina that New Orleanians have come to value, it’s stability, familiarity, and tradition. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band have kept these concepts deep within their grooves for more than three decades, but the musical tradition is much older.
San Antonio Current  |  Nicholas Hall  |  02-03-2010  |  Profiles & Interviews

New Orleanian of the Year 2009: Jim Lettennew

The mere mention of Jim Letten's name sends shivers down the spines of crooked pols and evokes cheers from citizens, but he gives all the credit to his staff, fellow prosecutors, the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies.
Gambit  |  The Gambit Staff  |  01-06-2010  |  Commentary

Ray Nagin Still Factors Into the New Orleans Mayor's Race, as a Reverse Barometernew

New Orleans voters may not know just yet what they want in their next mayor, but they definitely know what they don't want: another Ray Nagin. Polls and campaign strategies bear that out as candidates try to distinguish themselves not only from one another but also from the hugely unpopular, term-limited mayor.
Gambit  |  Clancy DuBos  |  12-09-2009  |  Politics

8/29 Commission -- Nownew

Congress should pass the 8/29 Investigation Act to review why New Orleans' levees failed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to prevent similar catastrophes in the future. New Orleans isn't the only major American city that depends on levees; this is a national issue.
Gambit  |  Editorial  |  03-25-2008  |  Commentary

Not Again

The New Year might be off to a fresh start, but the Corps of Engineers is up to its old tricks of missing deadlines and confusing priorities.
Gambit  |  Jeremy Alford  |  01-07-2008  |  Disasters

FEMA's Formaldehyde Foiblesnew

Over the past year and a half, FEMA has taken steps, sort of, to address the issue of formaldehyde in FEMA trailers, but the problem remains.
Gambit  |  Matt Robinson  |  01-07-2008  |  Commentary

Merry Christmas from HUDnew

Despite Katrina causing the worst affordable housing crisis since the Civil War, HUD is spending $762 million in taxpayer funds to tear down more than 4,600 publicly subsidized apartments and replace them with 744 similarly subsidized units -- an 82 percent reduction.
Gambit  |  Bill Quigley  |  12-12-2007  |  Housing & Development

Smoking for Jesus Ministry Takes Root in Texasnew

Exiled by hurricanes, the black congregation from New Orleans has flourished in Texas Hill Country, by clinging fiercely to their faith.
The Texas Observer  |  Dave Mann  |  09-24-2007  |  Religion

'Eye of the Storm': Writing Out Katrinanew

Sally Forman's self-published book on Mayor Ray Nagin and the storm is not a kiss-and-tell, and that's to the writer's credit.
Gambit  |  Jason Berry  |  09-12-2007  |  Nonfiction

D.J. Augustin Plays a Real Pick-Up Gamenew

Hurricane Katrina ended Augustin's hopes to be a basketball star in New Orlenas, but he joined the team at a Texas high school where he evacuated -- and he now plays for the Texas Longhorns.
Gambit  |  Adam Norris  |  08-29-2007  |  Sports

For Katrina Recovery, Public Sector Needs to Step Upnew

New Orleans has come a long way since Aug. 29, 2005, but we have much more to do -- the "market-driven" recovery predicted by the mayor can still occur, but those in public office must recognize that there are some things only government can do.
Gambit  |  Editorial  |  08-29-2007  |  Disasters

'Sugarcane Academy': Back to Schoolnew

Michael Tisserand on learning from Katrina.
The Memphis Flyer  |  Leonard Gill  |  08-21-2007  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Raising the Lower Ninenew

How residents of one historic neighborhood in New Orleans are framing the flood-ravaged area's recovery in modern, "green" terms.
Gambit  |  Ariane Wiltse  |  06-26-2007  |  Environment

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