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Three ways to enjoy bobasnew

Throughout the past 10 years, American cities have witnessed the growth of the curious elixir, boba tea, also commonly called bubble tea or pearl milk tea, and Worcester is no stranger to this popular beverage. The drink typically combines a chilled, blended or iced Asian tea with chewy, pea-sized bubbles of a variety of flavors, from fruit flavors like mango, orange, or coconut, but most commonly tapioca.
Worcester Magazine  |  Mike Murray  |  10-23-2014  |  Food+Drink

From the SEC to the NFLnew

Mississippi State University is the top team in the country, and there really is no argument as to why the Bulldogs should be No. 1. MSU has played one of the toughest schedules and won each contest.
Jackson Free Press  |  Bryan Flynn  |  10-20-2014  |  Sports

Magical and Fantastic: Patrick Renner Transforms Dream Images into Realitynew

If you've ever seen his public works, you've probably wondered where they came from. Meet the man behind some of Houston's most whimsical art, Patrick Renner.
Houston Press  |  Adam CastaƱeda  |  10-09-2014  |  Art

Pumpkin Has Gone Too Farnew

Let's be real: Pumpkin isn't actually that great. It's not even the best gourd. And the flavor that most people associate with pumpkin isn't even really pumpkin.
Washington City Paper  |  Jessica Sidman  |  10-09-2014  |  Food+Drink

Food Reviews, Transparency, and Cookiesnew

It's been a year since former Seattle Weekly food critic Hanna Raskin moved to Charleston to take over The Post and Courier's food section. We sat down with her to talk about reviews, transparency, and cookies.
Charleston City Paper  |  Kinsey Gidick  |  10-08-2014  |  Food+Drink

People of the Moundsnew

If your description of Native Americans includes "primitive" or "savages," listening to retired archeologist and Jackson resident Sam Brookes will blow your mind.
Jackson Free Press  |  Ronni Mott  |  10-03-2014  |  History

Sustaining and Habilitating Mississippinew

When you think of Columbus, Miss., you probably think of the Mississippi University for Women and its extensive nursing program. But did you know that MUW has one of Mississippi's only culinary programs that lead to a Bachelor's of Science in the subject?
Jackson Free Press  |  Amber Helsel  |  10-02-2014  |  Food+Drink

The Great Foreskin Debatenew

Why the Midwest leads the world in infant circumcision and what the hell that says about us.
Metro Times  |  Alysa Offman  |  10-02-2014  |  Culture

Ahead of the Gamenew

Eugene's video gaming community is primed for growth as the upcoming Indie Game Con spotlights this buzzing industry.
Eugene Weekly  |  Amy Schneider  |  09-25-2014  |  Video Games

The Life Cycle of Craft Beernew

From the brewer, to the marketing guy, to the beverage manager.
NUVO  |  Sarah Murrell  |  09-25-2014  |  Food+Drink

Black Eyes to Best Friendsnew

Roller derby is fast paced, action-packed and occasionally brutal, but the camaraderie among the different teams and leagues spread across the world is immediately evident.
Worcester Magazine  |  Josh Lyford  |  09-25-2014  |  Sports

Was That A Glacier I Froze Next To?new

A half century or so ago, I took a trip to the top of the Sierra, where I made the acquaintance of the fragile land of delicate meadows and lakes and dramatic ice fields and glaciers just below the jagged peaks that form the spine of the Sierra.
Random Lengths News  |  Lionel Rolfe  |  09-22-2014  |  Travel

Dark Angelnew

Oregon artist Tracy Sydor helps abuse survivors through photography.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alexandra Notman  |  09-22-2014  |  Art

Hot Weather, a Shortage of a Great Visionnew

These days, even sitting at your computer can leave you drenched with sweat.
Random Lengths News  |  James Preston Allen  |  09-19-2014  |  Commentary

Latino communities on display at Fitchburg Art Museumnew

For many Latin American artists, their work is not necessarily an extension of Latin culture. Surprisingly it has more to do with their immediate surroundings and life experiences, which have the greatest influence on them. They are inspired by a myriad of ideas that transcend a vision as opposed to a particular culture. This fall, the Fitchburg Art Museum (FAM) will feature exhibits that focus on the works of Latino artists, recognizing their contributions to the arts.
Worcester Magazine  |  Al Vuona  |  09-18-2014  |  Art

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