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Unprecedented: Sitel workers mount historic union organizing drivenew

North Carolina is the least unionized state in the country — only 2.9 percent of its 3.6 million workers carry union cards — and WNC, many labor officials say, is the state’s least unionized region. But some Sitel employees are trying to form a union.
Mountain Xpress  |  David Forbes  |  08-06-2012  |  Business & Labor

Protesters dump 500 pounds of coal in front of Bank of Americanew

And then teach the bank how to clean up its mess.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Ryan Pitkin  |  06-25-2012  |  Business & Labor

Indiana "Freedom to Work" Ordinance Debatednew

Representatives from the Indianapolis hospitality industry and dozens of disgruntled hotel workers butt heads last night over Proposition 179 at a City Council Committee meeting.
NUVO  |  Tim Bydlon  |  06-14-2012  |  Business & Labor

Wage Theft

At some point, you just give up.
YES! Weekly  |  Eric Ginsburg  |  06-14-2012  |  Business & Labor

Dreamapolis: Indy's Social Entrepreneursnew

Dreamapolis and its partners are promoting a new model of sustainable development in Indy's metro area focused on strengthening of urban social entrepreneurs and communities.
NUVO  |  Dan Mundell  |  06-04-2012  |  Business & Labor

Recycling's Dirty Little Secretnew

The people who sort our recyclables have dangerous -- and sometimes, disgusting -- jobs. And they're about to get worse.
East Bay Express  |  Jean Tepperman  |  04-26-2012  |  Business & Labor

Fair Trade USA's Coffee Policy Comes Under Firenew

Critics say that new certification process adopted by Oakland-based organization will undermine the international fair-trade industry.
East Bay Express  |  Corey Hill  |  04-25-2012  |  Business & Labor

Inside Informationnew

Former insurance company spin doctor says corporations will do almost anything for profits.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Pam Zubeck  |  04-18-2012  |  Business & Labor

Incentives Pay Offnew

Michelin's big tires will bring big money and 500 jobs to South Carolina.
Charleston City Paper  |  Joshua Curry  |  04-17-2012  |  Business & Labor

Workers' Rights Under Firenew

Mississippi's labor laws make it among the least worker-friendly states in the union.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  04-12-2012  |  Business & Labor

How Local Business Stops the Brain Drainnew

It is no coincidence that the "cool" cities where young workers want to live are filled with vibrant communities of locally owned businesses where they can hang out even if they're paying their dues in a boring workplace.
Jackson Free Press  |  Valerie Wells  |  04-05-2012  |  Business & Labor

Photo exhibit shows a hidden labor force: child farmworkersnew

"I take photos because there are certain people who don't feel comfortable talking about farmworkers in the field. But these farmworkers exist." — Elvis Ordonez
INDY Week  |  Victoria Bouloubasis  |  04-02-2012  |  Business & Labor

I Was There! by Mike Daiseynew

I decided to travel to ancient Egypt, alone, to personally witness — to see with my own eyes — the brutality behind these pyramids we love so much.
The Portland Mercury  |  Mike Daisey  |  03-26-2012  |  Business & Labor

Beer for Everybodynew

Brewers big and small are hoping Mississippi will soon allow them to make and sell higher-gravity beer in the state.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  03-18-2012  |  Business & Labor

Walmart Cometh to Atlantanew

The big-box retailer and progressive’s worst enemy moves closer to the heart of metro Atlanta.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Thomas Wheatley  |  03-15-2012  |  Business & Labor

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