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Proposed 'Ask an Eskimo' Column Causes a Stir in Alaskanew

As a newcomer to the state, new Anchorage Press publisher Bingo Barnes thought that a column modeled after Gustavo Arellano's syndicated "Ask a Mexican!," written by an Alaska Native writer, could work at the paper. Apparently, the former Boise Weekly owner and publisher was wrong. He posted the ad on Craigslist and then went on a week's vacation. "I anticipated some resistance to the idea, but I mainly expected to hear from candidates interested in writing such a column," Barnes writes. "Upon my return to the digital world, I was shocked to see what chaos I had unleashed." The Press no longer has any plans to run an "Ask an Eskimo" column.
MORE: Check out the local TV news reaction:
Anchorage Press  |  09-10-2007  10:09 am  |  Industry News

Former Boise Weekly Owner & Editor Heads to the Anchorage Pressnew

Bingo Barnes will take over as publisher of the free weekly paper "almost immediately," Boise Weekly reports. "It's a good paper, and there is room for improvement," Barnes says. The Press was bought last year by Wick Communications, which also owns AAN member Tucson Weekly. Barnes, who was at Boise Weekly for about five years, also served on AAN's Board of Directors from 2005 to 2006.
Boise Weekly  |  05-24-2007  12:19 pm  |  Industry News

Alt-Weekly Thr!ves Despite Competition from Gannett

Bingo and Sally Barnes bought Boise Weekly in August 2001, and the paper's business plummeted a few weeks later in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. By October of that year, when Gannett announced the launch of its Boise faux-alt, Thr!ve, the Barneses were petrified. But their fears were unfounded. After revamping the paper and forging closer ties with the community, they have soundly trounced the faux alt in the three-plus years since its debut. (FULL STORY)
Amy Souza  |  05-23-2005  4:51 pm  |  Industry News

Economy Hits Alt-Weekly Bottom Lines

Alternative newsweeklies are feeling the one-two punch of war and recession. National advertising is down across the board, but classifieds are providing a cushion. While several papers have had to lay off employees, others are taking the opportunity to add sales staff. (FULL STORY)
Seth Wharton  |  10-25-2001  8:19 am  |  Industry News