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The Atlantic Praises Boise Weekly's Ag-Gag Reportingnew

Boise Weekly has been doggedly covering the issues of food safety and animal treatment in Idaho agricultural for years before "ag-gag" started grabbing headlines, and The Atlantic has taken notice.
Boise Weekly  |  03-20-2014  1:00 pm  |  Industry News

Crowdfunding the News: Will Readers Open Their Wallets to Support Watchdog Journalism?

Two small market alt-weeklies experiment by asking readers to help pay for long-form investigative journalism. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  08-08-2013  3:00 pm  |  Industry News

Boise Weekly Names Zach Hagadone as Editornew

Hagadone replaces longtime editor Rachael Daigle, who departed in October.
Boise Weekly  |  02-07-2013  5:00 pm  |  Industry News

Boise Weekly Cover Auction Raises $22,060 for Local Arts Grantsnew

The paper's original cover artwork from the last year was all on sale to the highest bidder, with the money going to benefit Boise Weekly's Cover Auction Grants.
Boise Weekly  |  10-22-2012  5:00 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Boise Weekly Publishes Scholarly Supplement in Collaboration With Boise Statenew

The Blue Review aims to broaden the reach of Boise State University professors while furthering the university's mission to inform the public.
Boise Weekly  |  10-18-2012  4:25 pm  |  Industry News

Former AAN Diversity Grant Recipient Receives U.S. Citizenshipnew

Congo refugee and former Boise Weekly contributor Fidel Nshombo was honored by the mayor of Boise for his accomplishments as a refugee advocate and to commemorate his U.S. citizenship.
Boise Weekly  |  11-01-2011  4:22 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Boise Weekly Launches iPhone App

Boise Weekly announced the launch of its news and entertainment iPhone application. (FULL STORY)
Boise Weekly  |  05-31-2011  10:44 am  |  Press Releases

Boise Weekly 'Kicked Some Ass' at Idaho Press Club Awardsnew

Boise Weekly picked up several Idaho Press Club Awards, including General Excellence awards in both the Website and Print categories.
Boise Weekly  |  05-16-2011  12:27 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Boise Weekly Distributes Free Condoms in Latest Issue

In what publisher Sally Freeman is calling the "largest distribution of condoms ever" in Idaho's history, Boise Weekly is including a free condom in each copy of this week's issue. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  04-20-2011  9:07 am  |  Industry News

Boise Weekly Cover Auction Raises Record Proceeds

Fifty pieces were sold through auction for a record total of $17,366 in net proceeds, which will be injected into the Boise arts community through Boise Weekly's arts grant program. (FULL STORY)
Boise Weekly  |  11-18-2010  4:25 pm  |  Press Releases

Boise Weekly Editor: 'It's Not OK' to Mix Editorial and Advertising

In an opinion column published yesterday, Boise Weekly editor Rachael Daigle affirms her paper's commitment to maintaining a wall between editorial and advertising. The column is in response to Chicago Reader publisher Alison Draper's recent declaration that her paper will "push" the line between the two. Daigle calls foul on the notion:
Blurring the lines between editorial and advertising is called advertorial. It's not journalistic, it's not ethical to pass it off as editorial content and it's the public that loses when editorial integrity is compromised.

No matter how bad business was at BW during the heaviest part of the recession, we never once considered chipping away at the wall that separates our editorial and advertising departments. The day BW Publisher Sally Freeman announces her intention to "push" the line between editorial and sales will be the day I'll hand her my resignation. Thankfully, Freeman is BW's biggest protector of that line.
It just so happens that AAN editors will be discussing this topic during a roundtable session next Thursday in Toronto. (FULL STORY)
Boise Weekly  |  07-08-2010  12:06 pm  |  Industry News  |  Comments (1)

Diversity Grant Applications Now Available

The AAN Diversity Grant Program, which was instituted in 2001 to help papers add diversity to their newsrooms and to encourage minority journalists to start their careers at alt-weeklies, is accepting new applications. The program offers AAN papers the opportunity to apply for a grant for a diversity-related project or for an intern. The Diversity Committee will award up to four grants of $1,250 each per year; the deadline for applications is April 23. Recent awardee Boise Weekly tells AAN News that the "global culture blog" for the local refugee community it launched with the grant money "would have never happened" without the Diversity Grant. Now that the blog has become a success, the Weekly will keep it going with its own funding. (For all the details, download an application here.) (FULL STORY)
AAN News  |  03-24-2010  6:15 pm  |  Association News

Boise Weekly Folds Quarterly Arts Publicationnew

"Zeal can only take a publication so far in this business before the numbers start to intervene," Weekly editor Rachael Daigle writes. "Last week, the numbers officially intervened, and Idaho Arts Quarterly was quietly laid to rest to live on only in Boise Weekly's archives." The publication was eight years old. "I want to thank all of the people who worked with us to create the latest incarnation of IAQ, particularly the contributing writers and artists," IAQ editor Katy Dang says. "I am extremely proud of what we accomplished."
Boise Weekly  |  03-10-2010  3:14 pm  |  Industry News

Boise Weekly Cover Auction Nets Record Proceedsnew

The Weekly's eighth annual Cover Art Auction, which took place this Wednesday, was its most successful yet, grossing more than $15,000. "Once we've paid the bill for framing every piece, we expect to put more than $12,000 into Boise Weekly's private art grant, for which any local artist or organization is eligible to apply," editor Rachael Daigle writes. "That's roughly $800 more than we've ever put back into the art community."
Boise Weekly  |  11-20-2009  10:05 am  |  Industry News