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The People Have Spoken: Design Sessions Added to NOLA Convention Program

Ask and you will receive. Due to popular demand from AAN designers, we've added some top-notch design sessions. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  05-27-2011  8:30 am  |  Association News

Today's Bouncy Loon: Joe MacLeodnew

Baltimore City Paper art director Joe MacLeod has been named to The Awl's "20 People To Follow On Twitter" list.
The Awl  |  02-11-2011  11:51 am  |  Honors & Achievements

'Besty' Takes Baltimore By Stormnew

Baltimore City Paper reveals the Best of Baltimore with assistance from a new mascot.
Baltimore City Paper  |  09-24-2010  11:57 am  |  Industry News

Baltimore City Paper Celebrates 30 Years at Art Gallery Shownew

City Paper art director Joe MacLeod narrates a short video shot during the paper's recent party at G-Spot, a local art gallery displaying large blow-ups of pages and covers published during the last three decades by Baltimore's finest alt-weekly. "Each page is sort of like a piece of artwork," says MacLeod, who laments the fact that the "archetypal alt-weekly-style feature ... it has that certain look ... it's all kinda going away because of digital. ... That kind of classic alt-weekly look is disappearing." Not that he cares, of course.
Baltimore City Paper  |  02-07-2008  12:54 pm  |  Industry News