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Righteous Anger: Henry Rollins Plants His Black Flag on the World Stagenew

Anger gets a bad rap these days. If only the Left had Henry Rollins representing them on all these Sunday morning roundtables instead of the weak-kneed Nicholas Kristof's and Joe Lieberman's, then there might have been a check on the madness that hijacked our discourse for the past decade or so.
Boulder Weekly  |  Dylan Otto Krider  |  11-06-2008  |  Performance

Mad in America: You Wouldn't Like Us When We're Angrynew

Even though we have so many reasons to be happy, fulfilled, ejaculating with gratitude from every pore that we're fortunate enough to live in this country, at this time in history, we're angry. That's why Sarah's Smash Shack is poised to become the McDonald's of the 21st century.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Greg Beato  |  10-24-2008  |  Culture

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