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Calling for Intelligent Airport Securitynew

It is the duty of all public officials to “do something” whenever a new threat appears, even if there is nothing sensible to be done. If they don’t make a show of solving the problem, the media will punish them severely.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  01-07-2010  |  Commentary

Kidnapped Man Gets an Up-Close Look Into Nigeria's Oily Heart of Darknessnew

Members of the Niger-Delta Freedom Fighters held oilman Larry Plake hostage at their camp for three weeks. They didn't necessarily want to make a political statement. They wanted money -- more than $1 million per hostage.
Dallas Observer  |  Chris Vogel  |  07-13-2009  |  International

Your New Online Beau is Tall, Dark, Handsome ... and a Fraudnew

Thanks to the proliferation of online dating sites, now any lonely heart with a little bit of savings is a perfect mark for swindling. Only the big pot of gold isn't a financial investment. It's the hope of companionship, true love and marriage.
Nashville Scene  |  Tracy Moore  |  11-14-2008  |  Culture

A Perfect Populist Storm Brews Around Oil Giant Chevronnew

The company faces not only angry voters, but a landmark human rights and corporate responsibility trial, in which Chevron stands accused of complicity with Nigeria's authoritarian government in the torture, murder, and abuse of those protesting Chevron's exploitation of the Niger Delta.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Steven T. Jones  |  11-06-2008  |  Business & Labor

Two Documentaries Look at the Peculiar Nigerian Film Industrynew

The Nigerian film industry, known as Nollywood, is the third largest in the world, and represents quite possibly the weirdest film culture ever. Jamie Meltzer's Welcome to Nollywood and Samir Mallal and Ben Addelman's Nollywood Babylon shine a light on the industry.
Montreal Mirror  |  Matthew Fraser  |  10-06-2008  |  Movies

Seun Kuti Carries His Father's Afrobeat Torchnew

The youngest son of Nigeria's legendary Afrobeat originator Fela Kuti, known for his own energetic and passionate performances, is convinced that you need to see him on stage.
Montreal Mirror  |  Erin MacLeod  |  07-11-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

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