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A Mexican Shark Fisherman Tells the Tale of an Illegal Industry Gone Overboardnew

In the last decade, the Coast Guard has devoted a growing effort to deterring illegal shark fishing. But that hasn't stopped men from making the dangerous trip north in search of sharks.
The Texas Observer  |  Kevin Sieff  |  08-26-2009  |  Business & Labor

Shark Attack -- Oops, Shark Accident -- Victim Defends the Beasts on Capitol Hillnew

Michael Beach recently joined eight other survivors on Capitol Hill to lobby legislators to pass the Shark Conservation Act of 2009, introduced by Sen. John Kerry. It would close loopholes related to "finning," the brutal practice of slicing off live sharks' fins for soup.
Miami New Times  |  Gus Garcia-Roberts  |  08-17-2009  |  Animal Issues

Are Sharks Really the Eating Machines We've Made Them Out to Be?new

For people like Dr. Chris Lowe and biologist Terry Lilley, the media's obsession with sharks -- specifically shark attacks -- and pop culture's general view of sharks as human-eating machines, is a grossly misinformed state of affairs.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Ethan Stewart  |  08-18-2008  |  Animal Issues

Tourists Can't Wait to Get Next to Sharks, Even if They Are Eating Machinesnew

The world's love-hate relationship with sharkdom has created a sprawling, often bizarre industry of shark adventures, from vicious killing expeditions to face-to-face encounters designed to debunk the animal's scary image. Even legitimate scientists are getting in on the act by turning their facilities into entertainment venues for wide-eyed diving tourists hungry to rendezvous with the creatures.
Miami New Times  |  Amy Guthrie  |  06-17-2008  |  Animal Issues

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