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'CQ/CX' tells of Hernández's role in Jayson Blair scandalnew

It's been nearly a decade since Macarena Hernández outed the New York Times staff reporter Jayson Blair, the serial plagiarist who did as much damage to the paper's august reputation as Judith Miller's pre-war coverage of the supposed WMDs in Iraq.
San Antonio Current  |  Gregg Barrios  |  04-02-2012  |  Theater

Who Polices Political Cartooning?

How can we expect editors and publishers to respect political cartoonists unless they respect themselves?
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  12-22-2011  |  Media

One Nation News Earns Rep as a Copy-and-Paste Newsroomnew

Most of the stuff I found on One Nation News' website gives me major flashes of deja vu. In fact, many of the blurbs are nearly identical to A-List items I assigned, wrote, and edited last week. I could include more, but what we're really talking about here is a classic instance of copy, paste, and delete the byline.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Jessica Armbruster  |  07-29-2009  |  Media

A Bridge Too Farnew

The San Francisco Chronicle's series of stories on Golden Gate suicides goes "radioactive."
SF Weekly  |  Matt Palmquist  |  11-23-2005  |  Media

Steal This Prosenew

A good journalism student plagiarized five stories printed in Florida daily papers and forged a recommendation letter.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Chuck Strouse  |  06-13-2005  |  Media

Bolton Nomination Whistleblower Learns Power of Blogsnew

Melody Townsel's letter alleging that John Bolton behaved unprofessionally in 1994 brought her fame and infamy after it was posted to the left-leaning Web site Daily Kos.
Dallas Observer  |  Robert Wilonsky  |  05-09-2005  |  Politics

Does Woody Allen Just Write Like Rick Moranis?new

There are startling similarities between the Disney parody written by Woody Allen in the December 13 issue of The New Yorker and a 1999 piece authored by comedian Rick Moranis and novelist Howard Kaminsky that ran in the Los Angeles Sunday Times.
L.A. Weekly  |  Nikki Finke  |  12-14-2004  |  Media

Times-Union Plagiarism? Conservative Editorial Page 'Borrows' Liberally

Editorials in the Florida Times-Union (Jacksonville) are strikingly similar to opinions produced by right-wing think tanks and publications.
Folio Weekly  |  Billee Bussard  |  10-12-2004  |  Media

Porn, Hypocrisy, Plagiarism: The Dark Side of Jacksonville's Daily

A former employee of the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville exposes Editorial Page Editor Lloyd Brown's workplace porn habits, apparent plagiarism, and the hypocrisy of the paper's purported "Christian" values.
Folio Weekly  |  Billee Bussard  |  10-12-2004  |  Media

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