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'Guilty' Examines Arab Bashing on the Big Screennew

Six years into a costly war fought on Arab soil, one might expect American media to demonize the enemy, rationalizing the necessity of killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. But perhaps because of popular revulsion at the war, Shaheen finds cause for hope.
The Texas Observer  |  Steven G. Kellman  |  12-03-2008  |  Nonfiction

Will Oscar Have the Balls for Munich?new

There will be no press junket, no premiere and, most importantly, no blowout Oscar marketing campaign for Steven Spielberg's certain-to-be-controversial movie, Munich.
L.A. Weekly  |  Nikki Finke  |  12-05-2005  |  Movies

Arab-Americans Caught in the Middle on 9/11new

The day of the assault on the World Trade Center towers, Arabs in Queens felt nervous, wounded by taunts and more strongly "American" than ever.
The Village Voice  |  Erik Baard  |  04-27-2004  |  International

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