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One-woman show: 'The Money Conversation'new

Performance artist Sara Juli has a one-of-a-kind show where she gives her money away during her show.
NUVO  |  Micah Ling  |  04-13-2012  |  Performance

Mind the Gapnew

The gender-income gap in Canada continues to exist. Despite advances by women in higher education attainment, greater participation in the workforce and decades of anti-discrimination legislation, Canada cannot shake a persistent wage gap—women are earning, on average, 70 percent of what men do.
VUE Weekly  |  Samantha Power  |  08-12-2011  |  Business & Labor

Gambling on the Fairgroundsnew

Step right up! Welcome to the Illinois State Fairgrounds, where kids can milk cows, and cows can win ribbons and anyone 21 years and older can contribute to an electronic, press-a-button, hear-a-beep, wait-to-(probably)-lose-while-it-looks-like-you’re-winning casino king’s cash cow – the slot machine.
Illinois Times  |  Rachel Wells  |  07-14-2011  |  Economy

Tricks, Tips & Scamsnew

The world is coming to get your money. You gotta build lines of defense.
North Coast Journal  |  Jennifer Savage  |  09-23-2010  |  Economy

The Permaculture Credit Union Might Be America’s Greenest Banknew

Within a month of becoming president of the Santa Fe-based Permaculture Credit Union—a unique financial institution based, as the name suggests, on eco-friendly principles—Don Sarich had his first encounter with a skeptical government regulator.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Corey Pein  |  03-11-2010  |  Environment

Overcrowding at Illinois Prisons is Costly and Dangerousnew

In Sangamon County, at least 13 inmates were released early, many serving just a fraction of their sentences. One repeat drunk driver served only a month of his year-long sentence; another inmate serving time for possession of cocaine spent only two weeks behind bars.
Illinois Times  |  Patrick Yeagle  |  03-04-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Consider the Consequences of Not Making Background Checks Before Engaging a Financial Advisernew

Based on interviews for this story, people who market debt-elimination services online are riddled with bad judgment. They have to be, because the only other possibility is that they are knowingly engaging in fraud, and some of these people are lawyers, so that just can't be.
Houston Press  |  Craig Malisow  |  12-08-2009  |  Economy

How to ChaChanew

How to make a little cash on the side by answering random questions on the internet.
Seven Days  |  Bridget M. Burns  |  08-20-2008  |  Tech

The Scott Boras Factornew

Is the super agent destroying the game of baseball? And what does he want now?
L.A. Weekly  |  Jeffrey Anderson  |  05-25-2007  |  Sports

Identity Theftnew

As casino profits bring newfound wealth to Indian tribes, tribal leaders are finding excuses to disenroll more and more Indians like Eddie Vedolla and his family.
East Bay Express  |  Eliza Strickland  |  01-30-2006  |  Economy

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