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Bloomberg, NYPD Finally Piss Off The Medianew

Once a useful document that allowed reporters to witness events at a closer proximity, the NYPD press pass is now officially worthless.
The Village Voice  |  Graham Rayman  |  11-21-2011  |  #OCCUPY

Billionaires for Michael Bloombergnew

It's one thing to have the New York mayor change a term limits law and run again, but does the media have to lap it up so easily?
New York Press  |  Jamaal Young  |  10-09-2008  |  Commentary

Why Michael Bloomberg Shouldn't Run for Governornew

An interesting idea, sure, and a tasty bone to gnaw on for the next 18 months; but to many political observers, this one just does not make sense. He could try, but would he really want this job, regardless of the continuing platform it would give him in public life? The answer, according to many who know him and have watched him as mayor, is no.
New York Press  |  Edward-Isaac Dovere  |  06-19-2008  |  Politics

How Michael Bloomberg Would Craft His Runnew

They may both be billionaires, and Bloomberg may seem poised to become the latest independent presidential candidate to self-finance, but Bloomberg is not by any means following the Ross Perot blueprint.
New York Press  |  Edward-Isaac Dovere  |  10-18-2007  |  Politics

Who Will Be Michael Bloomberg's Veep?new

The name most often mentioned by insiders is Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican who has become one of the leading critics of the Iraq War and President George W. Bush's management of the military.
New York Press  |  Edward-Isaac Dovere  |  10-18-2007  |  Politics

If Michael Bloomberg Ran for Presidentnew

Don't buy the denials -- we deconstruct the mayor's secret plan to run for (and win) the presidency.
New York Press  |  Edward-Isaac Dovere  |  10-18-2007  |  Politics

NYC Continues on Path of Congestion Pricingnew

Westchester Democrat Richard Brodsky talks about leading the charge in the State Legislature to beat back what he calls a regressive tax on poor and middle-class New Yorkers.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  08-23-2007  |  Transportation

Credible Threat?new

By looking at a New York City cop's final battle with his bosses, a possible link between last October's terror scare and the mayoral race emerges.
The Village Voice  |  Jarrett Murphy  |  03-15-2006  |  Politics

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